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Choosing a single weapon for the rest of the playthrough can be tough. This is the case, especially when there are a lot of options, as in the case of Elden Ring. The weapon variety in Elden Ring not only makes the combat distinct but also encourages players to try out new or different weapons to choose one that fits their playstyle.

As with most weapons, the players have to complete the stat requirement before being able to use it. Increasing their corresponding stats will increase the weapon’s overall damage, making boss fights and dealing with enemies easier.


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Where To Find Greathorn Hammer

Worshipper's Woods Site of Grace in Elden Ring

To acquire this weapon, you must first head to Siofra River Well, located near a Minor Erdtree in the middle of Limgrave. From the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace, head southeast past the numerous Runebears standing around. Head up to the elevator and go down to Siofra River.

In Siofra River, make your way to the Worshipper’s Woods Site of Grace. From the Grace, head west past the crab and climb the small platform to spot a Brazier stone up ahead. Just left of this, you will be able to find an Ancestral Follower enemy who you must deal with. Once the enemy is dead, there is a chance that they will drop the Greathorn Hammer. The chance for the item to drop is high, so it should not take you a while. If the weapon does not drop, simply teleport back to the Site of Grace and try again.

Greathorn Hammer Reward in Elden Ring


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What Does The Greathorn Hammer Do?

Greathorn Hammer Skill in Elden Ring

  • The weapon requires 22 Strength and 10 Dexterity to use.

After successfully killing an enemy with the weapon, you will restore a small amount of health. Although this passive skill is not that great, it can still make the difference between life and death. Its weapon Skill is the Barbaric Roar, which allows the player to let out a shout that adds physical damage and increases strength scaling.

The weapon requires normal Smithing Stones to upgrade, and at max level, it has a C scaling with Strength and D scaling with Dexterity. The weapon with Occult affinity at max level has an A scaling with Arcane, making one of the main reasons players farm out one for each hand.

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