• The fan-made painting “Glory of Cyrodiil” beautifully captures the iconic White-Gold Tower in the Elder Scrolls series.
  • The painting reflects the nostalgia of experiencing the landscape of Cyrodiil in Oblivion for the first time.
  • The White-Gold Tower, central to Oblivion’s plot, holds significance and mystery, making it instantly recognizable to players.

An artistic fan of the Elder Scrolls series has created a fantastic painting of the White-Gold Tower. The painting is titled “Glory of Cyrodiil” after the province where the tower is found in the lore of the Elder Scrolls series.

Featured prominently during the events of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, the White-Gold Tower stands at the center of the Imperial City, also sometimes known as Cyrodiil City. Due to its size, it’s a highly visible aspect of the skyline and can be easily seen from the surrounding area and anywhere in the province that’s tall enough.


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This digital painting of the White-Gold Tower was created and posted to Reddit by Mujkic Haris. It shows a grand view of the Imperial City at sunset with the tower in the distance and the smaller and similarly shaped Imperial prison nearby. Fans may remember this building from their time escaping prison in the early events of Oblivion. Haris’ painting also seems to feature cottages along the opposite shore of the lake the city sits on and is possibly the village of Aleswell. A knight dressed in the armor of the Imperial Blades can be seen in the foreground looking at the scenery before them. The horse, as some commenters pointed out, seems to be wearing its own armor, hearkening back to the notorious Oblivion “horse armor” DLC.

Because of the White-Gold Tower’s central position and importance to the plot of Oblivion, it stands out in the minds of many who played the game. In addition to the Council of Elders, who function as the seat of Tamriel’s government along with the Emperor, it also houses the titular Elder Scrolls and is believed to be host to a mysterious power all its own. Plus, its design is instantly recognizable and iconic to those who have played the game.

An Impressive, Nostalgic Landscape

Haris’ painting serves not only as a tribute to the landscape of Cyrodiil in Oblivion, but it also speaks to the nostalgia of how game worlds were perceived prior to enhanced graphical capabilities. At Oblivion‘s release, it was regarded as some of the most realistic and impressive graphics in gaming, though it somewhat pales in comparison to modern advancements. Commenters in the thread echo this feeling, sharing their memories of what they felt playing Oblivion for the first time. Haris’ painting captures the feeling of seeing that landscape for the first time and the 50th time and the anticipation of all the adventures to be had in this world. It’s an excellent addition to the Elder Scrolls fan art landscape.

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