When it comes to danger in survival games, combat is often a big part of the equation. Fighting off threats and getting more powerful is almost a rite of passage in such games, and in Enshrouded, this is something players will have to get used to if they hope to see this adventure through.

One of the first big challenges that will come your way in the game is the objective to clear the Elixir Well and defeat the boss within, a task given by the Blacksmith NPC that has just awoken from slumber. Players looking for some assistance in this regard can consult the following guide to make sure you will come out on top.


Enshrouded: How to Craft Grappling Hook

Gather the materials and get your hands on the Grappling Hook to overcome large gaps in Enshrouded.

Clearing the Elixir Well in Enshrouded

After rescuing the Blacksmith from a deep sleep, return to your base using fast travel and use the Summoning Staff to place him in whichever location you prefer. Talk to him, and it should trigger the quest to clear the Elixir Well, marking the location on the map. It will require venturing into the Shrouded regions, so make sure you have your weapons, healing potions, and food ready.

Clearing the Elixir Well in Enshrouded

Follow the path below the Braelyn Bridge, fighting off the enemies along the way, and eventually, you will reach a large arch. This is where the entrance to the Elixir Well is, so climb down slowly and use the stairs to go underground. At the end of the path will be a cave, in which stands the boss, who must be taken down to gain access to the objective.

Beating the Fell Thunderbrute in Enshrouded

This is the first proper challenge that players will have to overcome in terms of combat, as the Fell Thunderbrute can hit really hard. Using its large blade, it can do sweeping attacks or kicks to hurt the player, and at range, the boss will slam down onto the ground, sending damaging shockwaves in a given direction.

It is recommended that players keep close to prevent the shockwave attack and constantly move and dodge around the boss. This will allow for attacks on his back, providing bonus damage that will whittle down his health. Remember to keep an eye on your stamina and keep attacking whenever the opportunity arises. Alternatively, those who prefer ranged combat can use the bow or the wand to deal damage from afar, but this will certainly take longer than the melee route.

Enshrouded Fell Thunderbrute Attack

After the boss is down, equip the axe and start working on the corrupted Shroud Root. Destroying it will award players with a Skill Point, with the all-important Shroud Core obtained from beating the Fell Thunderbrute. This can be used to upgrade the Flame Altar and increase the building area back at base, so it is always good to go after bosses whenever you are able to in Embervale.

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January 24, 2024

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