Crafting is the key to making meaningful progression in Enshrouded, and players are going to need plenty of materials to do so. Not every ingredient is readily available, however, and this includes Dried Fur, an essential item needed for a number of early upgrades.


Enshrouded: How to Respec

This detailed guide will help players reset their skill points and earn Runes in Enshrouded.

Dried Fur is a processed material that requires a bit of effort and patience to make. It’s not terribly hard to come by, but many Enshrouded players may have trouble getting the amount they need in the early stretches of their journey. Here’s everything you need to make some for yourself.

Enshrouded: Dried Fur Crafting Recipe

The Drying Rack's crafting screen in Enshrouded

Much like Metal Sheets and other specialized materials, Dried Fur is made at a crafting station — specifically, a Drying Rack, which can only be made after rescuing the Hunter. Players will likely unlock the Hunter as their second base NPC, right after getting the Blacksmith from the first Ancient Vault. To craft a Drying Rack, gather some Wood Logs and String, then speak with the Hunter again.

After placing the Drying Rack, interact with it, then select the recipe for Dried Fur. You’ll need Animal Fur and Salt to make some. Almost every animal in the game has a chance of dropping Animal Fur, though you can make some yourself by collecting Fur Patches from rats and turning them into full-blown Animal Fur by speaking with the Hunter. As for Salt, you can find tons of it in the Egerton Salt Mines, which is due west of the first Ancient Spire in Springlands.

The Egerton Salt Mines in the Enshrouded world map

The Egerton Salt Mines is swarming with enemies and completely covered in Shroud. Bring some decent gear, a few pickaxes, and some Shroud Survival Potions if you plan on staying long there. It would be best to plan an exit route as well for when your Shroud resistance begins to wane.

Once you’ve collected the furs and salt, return to your Drying Rack and put both materials inside. The rack will automatically convert them into Dried Fur, though this will take a few minutes. At this point, it’s better to do something else while you wait for your items to finish cooking. If you feel like the conversion is too slow, you can always build another Drying Rack and place more ingredients there.

Dried Fur is required to craft a better backpack, which grants eight additional inventory slots. You’ll also need this material to make early armor sets as well as furniture that increase your Comfort level, such as beds and rugs.

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January 24, 2024

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