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As a survival game with plenty of action, Keen Games’ Enshrouded is not going to take it easy on players. As a Flameborn, all hope is on the player to save the day, but all that talk about bringing about a new dawn will be for nothing if this unforgiving world takes you first.

As such, it is important for all players jumping into Enshrouded to know where they can get their hands on some precious resources, many of which can be used to upgrade gear and help with one’s chances of survival. For those hoping to learn just how to get Salt in Enshrouded, this guide outlines you the best way.


Enshrouded: How to Increase Building Range & Area

Give yourself more building range and area to work with in Enshrouded by pursuing the right upgrades.

How to Get Salt in Enshrouded

Before even thinking about amassing a collection of Salt, it is recommended that players unlock Athalan Skree, the Hunter NPC. Not only does she provide ranged options when it comes to gear, but she can also help players out with upgraded backpacks for more inventory space. Locate her tower as soon as possible, and get her on your side.

Athalan Skree the Hunter in Enshrouded

This will pave the way towards getting a new armor set that requires Salt. The destination is the Egerton Salt Mines, which is located within a Shrouded area. Thankfully, the game will mark the mines once the Hunter has been unlocked, and players can save some time by heading northwest from the Ancient Spire fast travel point.


How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Metal Scraps can be used to craft various items in Enshrouded. This guide explains how players can get their hands on this resource.

Brave the fog, get yourself to the mines quickly, and gather as much Salt as possible before the timer runs out on your Shroud protection. Once all the nodes have been harvested, you can either wait a few in-game days for them to respawn or exit and load the game again.

How to Use Salt in Enshrouded

How to Use Salt in Enshrouded

The gathered Salt can then be used to craft Dried Fur, which in turn makes it possible to craft the Scout armor set. With Salt in your inventory, craft a drying rack, and combine the resource with Animal Fur to get Dried Fur. From there, progress further to the Scout armor set, giving players more protection out in the wild.

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January 24, 2024

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