With so many different kinds of resources to harvest and gather in Enshrouded, it is likely that players will soon find themselves running out of inventory space. This is a common problem in survival games such as this one, but thankfully, there are solutions to make the problem less annoying.

The sooner players are able to upgrade their backpacks, the easier it will be to go on long journeys away from home to gather key ingredients and rare resources. This guide will show you the exact method to doing so, and make your life spent in Embervale that much more convenient.


Enshrouded: How to Level Up Fast

Level up quickly in Enshrouded to become the true savior of Embervale.

Upgrading the Backpack in Enshrouded

Before players can even think about upgrading their Backpack, there is still something more pressing to be done. The Hunter NPC, Athalan Skree, will need to be rescued from her eternal slumber first. After rescuing the Blacksmith and completing several of his quests, players will eventually get the mission to climb several Ancient Spires.

Doing so will reveal more points of interest around the world, which will include the location of the Hunter and more. Get to her resting place, wake her up, and summon her back to the base. This will allow players to access both the Hunter’s quests as well as her crafting capabilities.

A cursory glance at her different recipes will reveal that players will need certain ingredients that are a key part of crafting her wares. There is usually a need for Animal Fur, Torn Cloth, Dried Fur, Linen, String, and more. While most of them should be quite familiar to players, considering the progress that you have made thus far. What is probably hardest to obtain at the start is Dried Fur, which will require the use of the Drying Rack along with Salt.

Enshrouded Drying Rack

Once you have completed her quest and know exactly where to get Salt, throw it into the Drying Rack and start producing Dried Fur. This will make it possible to craft the following Backpack upgrades:

  • Small Backpack – Torn Cloth x 3, Dried Fur x 4, String x 5
  • Medium Backpack – Dried Fur x 6, Linen x 6

Once the upgraded wares have been produced, be sure to equip them at the Character screen to take advantage of your bigger inventory space. Now, you will have less need to Fast Travel back to base to make space for your next resource-gathering trip.

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January 24, 2024

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