• Avowed’s combat offers a variety of styles, including spellcasting, sharpshooting, and melee combat, allowing players to approach battles in a creative and strategic way.
  • Spellcasting in Avowed is visually impressive and offers powerful combat options, with players being able to use wands, tomes, and spells to their advantage, such as using a spell called “Tanglefoot” to immobilize enemies.
  • Players can mix and match their loadouts in Avowed, combining weapons and skills from different combat styles to create unique approaches to combat, such as simultaneously wielding spells and melee weapons or dual-wielding wands.

During the recent Xbox Developer Direct, Obsidian Entertainment went on a deep dive into its upcoming RPG Avowed‘s combat, leaving many fans stunned at its display. The developer certainly put on quite a show as it revealed many of the weapons and skills players would be able to wield in Avowed, as well as the creative approach to combat that will be emphasized in its gameplay.

To ensure players can approach combat in a creative, strategic, and personal way, Obsidian has included several different combat styles in Avowed to choose from. Based on what has been revealed so far, it appears players are in for some incredibly engaging combat in Avowed that will keep them on their toes and require quick thinking.


Why It’s Vital Avowed Hits Its Fall 2024 Release Window

Obsidian Entertainment’s Avowed seems set on a 2024 release window, and there is a fairly important reason why this launch period cannot be missed.

Every Avowed Combat Option Confirmed So Far

Spellcasting Allows the Use of Wands and Spells to Decimate Enemies

The highlight of Avowed‘s combat showcase is arguably spellcasting. Not only does it produce the best visual display, but it also shows off what will likely be one of the most powerful combat options available. Based on what has been revealed so far, players will have a variety of approaches they can take to Avowed‘s spellcasting, including the use of wands, tomes, and spells, each approach offering unique outcomes in battle. One particular spell called “Tanglefoot” causes vines to spring up from the ground and hold enemies in place for a brief period. Players can also use enchanted wands to encase their enemies in ice, providing them with yet another advantage in combat.

Sharpshooting Lets Players Wield Pistols or a Bow for Ranged Combat

Avowed‘s sharpshooting combat style is another that seems ripe for experimentation. While the Xbox Developer Direct seemed to focus on the use of pistols, players will also be able to use a bow if they so choose. Avowed‘s gameplay director, Gabriel Paramo, specifically said that the game’s pistols will allow players to attack their enemies from “mid-range,” so it’s possible a bow would increase that distance and allow for even longer-range combat.

Melee Combat Gives Players Powerful Close-Quarter Skills

Finally, Avowed will include melee combat for those who prefer close-quarter, brute force attacks above guns and spells. It appears this is primarily where defensive options will come in as well, as players will be able to block and parry enemy attacks. According to the Xbox Developer Direct footage, melee combat will also come with powerful skills, which take advantage of the game’s melee weapons. Among the melee items revealed so far are swords, axes, and shields, but there will likely be plenty more for players to choose from.

Players Can Mix and Match Loadouts to Suit Their Playstyle

The most thrilling feature of Avowed‘s combat is that players will be able to mix and match equipment in their loadouts to suit their playstyle. This means that, despite there being three distinct combat options, each style can be combined with another to provide players with unique approaches to combat. Players will be able to simultaneously wield weapons and skills from each combat style to vary their attacks and keep their enemies guessing. For example, Avowed will make it possible to wield spells and melee weapons simultaneously, and they can even dual-wield wands if they prefer.

While there is still more to be revealed about the extent of Avowed‘s combat mechanics, the customization possibilities are cause for high anticipation of Obsidian’s next IP. Gamers are constantly on the lookout for modern games that allow them to personalize their approach, and Avowed may fit the bill. The true extent of its options remains to be seen when it is released this fall.



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