Fallout 4 shows players an alternate reality of the United States, where nuclear warfare created devastating effects on the landscape, animals, and humanity. Players will get to experience what life could be like in that scenario, and it can certainly be grim at times.

One thing that Fallout 4 shows is the serial killer, Pickman. While grim, it isn’t too far off from something players could see today. A lot like Dexter from the TV show Dexter, Pickman is a serial killer of those who elude justice and harm innocents. Here’s what players should do when they run into this vigilante.


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Who Is Pickman?

Pickman is a serial killer in the game that focuses his attention on killing raiders, people who definitely harm innocents and do a lot more harm than good (just look at how they act in the Nuka-World DLC). There is a chance that the player can come across raiders throughout the Wasteland who have been murdered and contain an item known as “Pickman’s Calling Card” on their bodies. These are the unfortunate ones who have been killed by this serial killer.


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When roaming around the outskirts of Boston (near where the Railroad hangs out), players will come across a place known as “Pickman Gallery.” Outside this place, there is the corpse of a raider with the calling card on it. Inside, players will find a very disturbing scene with bodies of raiders lining the walls and hanging from the ceiling. The player will also need to kill several raiders as they make their way into the building’s lowest portion. There, they will find Pickman surrounded by 3 raiders, and this is where they will need to make a decision.

Should You Help Pickman?

The truth of the matter is that players can pick any option with almost the exact same results. This is one of those scenarios where players can put themselves in the shoes of the Sole Survivor and decide what they would want to do if they were in the situation. While Pickman is a disturbed individual who is evil, he doesn’t pose a threat to anyone who isn’t a raider. Considering everything that raiders have done to the Commonwealth, it isn’t necessarily the worst thing that the serial killer could be doing. However, one could argue that if he stays alive, it could be any time before he changes his victims.


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If the player kills the raiders who are with Pickman, he will thank them and give them a key to a safe that can be found upstairs in the gallery behind a painting. He will also leave a thank you note in which he nicknames the player “Killer.” If the player kills him, they can still loot the safe, but they will not receive the thank you note. After this, if he stays alive, it is possible to still find the raiders he has killed from time to time in the Wastelands. If he dies, nothing major changes in the game.

This truly is one of those moments where the player gets to decide what the best option is. Can someone so evil be morally gray? Or, is a serial killer a serial killer, no matter who they target?

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November 10, 2015


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