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Like in any other Fallout game, you can find yourself stocking up on consumables in Fallout 4 to keep your character happy and healthy, or give them a boost to their strength and abilities. One of the substances you can find in the game is the Mysterious Serum, which can only be obtained through specific means.

If you’ve found yourself with a batch of Mysterious Serums, and you are unsure how you can utilize them to your advantage, we will provide you with the best uses for the consumable. We will also show you where you can get the rare item.


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How to Get Mysterious Serum in Fallout 4

To get the Mysterious Serum in Fallout 4, there are only a few quests that you can get it from: Special Delivery, and The Secret of Cabot House. To start these quests, you’ll want to make your way to the Cabot House, found south of Bunker Hill and east of Greenetech Genetics.

Head inside Cabot House by using the intercom in front. As long as you keep insisting on being let in, Jack will allow you into the building, and you’ll start the Special Delivery quest. Eventually, you’ll be led to Parsons Creamery in the north, where you’ll need to defeat some Raider enemies. They will have some Mysterious Serums on them, which you can return to the Cabot House. You can either keep or hand over the Mysterious Serum, although, the following quests in the Cabot House will give you a large supply, so you won’t need to keep it. If you choose to free Lorenzo in The Secret of Cabot House quest, you’ll get an endless supply of Mysterious Serums.


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How to Use Mysterious Serum in Fallout 4

Image of a Mysterious Serum in Fallout 4

Now, you might be wondering what exactly the Mysterious Serum can be used for. Its stats are as follows:

The first thing of note is its effect on removing radiation. You will not immediately remove 36,000 radiation from your character, but instead, you will remove 10 Rads per second for 3,600 seconds, or one hour. So, even though it won’t solve your problems immediately, the Mysterious Serum is still a great option for all your Rads issues.

The best use of the Mysterious Serum is to increase your carrying weight. Since the Mysterious Serum will give you +5 Strength, you’ll be able to hold a lot more items while you search for scraps for crafting. You can also use the Mysterious Serum to move freely through irradiated water if you have the Ghoulish perk maxed out. Since it will slowly subtract radiation from your character, you won’t have to worry about getting more Rads from the water, and you’ll also restore HP.

The last thing you can use it for is to heal Andre Michaud in Far Harbor. However, if you do this, you will no longer be able to receive more of the Mysterious Serum from Lorenzo until you complete The Secret of Cabot House quest.

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