• Fallout 5 could bring back the beloved character Nick Valentine like it did with MacCready, which would be a welcome addition for fans.
  • MacCready’s return in Fallout 4 was a fun upgrade for a character from a previous game, as he had appeared in Fallout 3 prior to becoming a FO4 companion.
  • Nick Valentine, another likable character from Fallout 4, has a strong case for returning in Fallout 5, as his detective work could lead him to new adventures. Just like with MacCready, players could hire him to help with quests.

Fallout 5 can reuse Bethesda’s MacCready strategy from Fallout 4 in order to make sure that fans can see one lovable NPC again. When it comes to a series with as many narratives as Fallout, a likable character can be a serious advantage for the game in question. While characters in the series usually only show up for one game, any time fans get an additional appearance from a beloved figure is a welcome surprise, and it is worth bringing more characters back as long as it makes sense. The next Fallout game could have exactly that kind of opportunity with Nick Valentine.

The most interesting detail about MacCready from Fallout 4 is the fact that he was a returning character in the series. He first appeared in Fallout 3 as the foul-mouthed mayor of Little Lamplight, a small community consisting entirely of children, including MacCready himself. In the time between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, MacCready grew up and became a gun for hire. His personality matured as well, being more reserved than the rude, quick-tempered kid that players originally saw him as. MacCready’s return in Fallout 4 was unexpected, but it was a fun upgrade for a character from a past game.


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Fallout 5 Can Repeat MacCready’s Return With Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine Was One of Fallout 4’s Most Likable Companions

One of the best recent additions to Fallout‘s universe is Fallout 4 companion Nick Valentine, a Synth detective operating out of Diamond City. Despite his somewhat eerie appearance, he’s one of the most good-hearted characters that players can find in the story. Dressed like a hard-boiled gumshoe in the vein of Dick Tracy, Valentine was a fun character from a concept standpoint, while also being remarkably likable. It’s not difficult to imagine why players would enjoy having him around for their adventures. As an added bonus, there is a strong reason to believe that he could still be around for the events of Fallout 5.

Valentine Has a Perfect Argument For Returning in Fallout 5

Valentine could return for a second adventure as long as Fallout 5 still has Synths. While the next game likely not coming back to the Commonwealth could be an issue, it’s not an insurmountable one. As a detective, Nick Valentine’s cases could potentially take him far and wide. Plus, much like MacCready, a timeskip wouldn’t disqualify him from coming back. In MacCready’s case, he was a kid in his first appearance, so the passing years only made him a capable survivor. As for Valentine, since he’s a Synth, albeit a rather old one, he would likely still be in fighting shape by Fallout 5.

Valentine Can Offer More Lore-Wise in Fallout

Another good reason for the synth detective to return is that Valentine can still tell more stories in Fallout. Since he’s a detective, he finds himself wrapped up in several kinds of cases. His storyline in Fallout 4, as well as some of the stories that he tells over the course of that game, prove that. In Fallout 5, players could find him in the middle of his next big case, leading to them working alongside him once more. Whether he’s a full companion or just a temporary ally, seeing the continued adventures of Nick Valentine would be a gift for Fallout fans.

As a detective, Nick Valentine’s cases could potentially take him far and wide.

MacCready’s return in Fallout 4 was a nice touch, and Nick Valentine could pull off the same feat in the sequel. Even if Fallout 5 is more based on New Vegas, Valentine still has several valid reasons to return. His job is one that can easily lead him to adventure, or make him someone whose services can be purchased like MacCready, and his entertaining personality makes him a good character to have around. Considering that he was far more likable in his debut than MacCready was, that could be another point in his favor. Nick Valentine would be a treat to see in Fallout 5.



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