Like most video games, Fallout 76 has a few endgame bosses for players to take down. All of the main bosses in Fallout 76 require the player to launch a nuke over a particular area to begin a boss battle.


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There are a total of four endgame bosses in the game. Each one has its own list of strengths and weaknesses that the player will need to take into account. With the right weapons and armor and a handful of skilled players, it’s possible to take down a boss relatively quickly. That said, some bosses are more worthwhile than others.

4 The Ultracite Titan

Event: Seismic Activity

Ultracite Titan in Fallout 76

  • How To Trigger The Event: Nuke Abandoned Mine Shaft 2

Released as a part of the Nuka-World on Tour update, the Ultracite Titan is a giant mutated Mole Rat that has deadly attacks and the ability to spawn endless waves of Mole Miners and Ultramites.

To kill this beast, the players will need to do the following:

  • Destroy 11 Ultracite Crystals to summon the Ultracite Titan
  • Destroy 3 Ultracite Crystals
  • Deal 20% damage to the Titan
  • Destroy 4 Ultracite Crystals
  • Deal 20% damage to the Titan
  • Destroy 5 Ultracite Crystals
  • Deal 20% Damage to the Titan
  • Destroy 6 Ultracite Crystals
  • Kill the Ultracite Titan

The Ultracite Crystals can only be destroyed using melee attacks. Also, players will have just three minutes and 30 seconds to deal damage to the Ultracite Titan after each set of crystals is destroyed.

While the event can be quite fun, there are a couple of things that let it down. First, the rewards are somewhat lackluster. The event does have a couple of unique weapons that players can get as a reward, but they aren’t particularly useful.


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Second, on consoles, the event can often become very buggy, and the frame rate drops dramatically. There have also been issues surrounding this event that can cause the Ultracite Titan to simply not spawn, making the efforts of the player who launched the nuke pointless.

3 The Storm Goliaths

Event Neurological Warfare

Storm Goliath in Fallout 76

  • How To Trigger The Event: Launch A Nuke Over Skyline Valley

Neurological Warfare is Fallout 76’s newest nuked event. It sees players going up against three Storm Goliaths: Morta, Decima, and Nona. These robots are the largest robots in the game by far. They tower over players and have high resistances. However, they are incredibly weak to Gamma Guns. It’s unclear whether this was an intentional weakness that the developers put in, but a Gamma Gun can drop a Storm Goliath in no time.


Fallout 76: Neurological Warfare Event Guide

Here’s all the information you need to know about the Neurological Warfare event in Fallout 76’s Skyline Valley expansion.

It’s a fun event, and it offers a lot of great rewards, like CAMP plans and some unique named weapons like the V63-OLGA and Anchorage Ace. The event itself is quite simple:

  • Head to Hawksbill Weather Station
  • Wait for the doors to open
  • Wait for the fabrication process to be completed
  • Take down the three Storm Goliaths

The Storm Goliaths are all 3-star legendary enemies, meaning that the player will get a 3-star legendary item from each one when they are destroyed.

It’s a popular event, but since the Goliaths can be taken down incredibly fast with a Gamma Gun, it isn’t a particularly challenging event. In fact, it can be completed in under a couple of minutes. There is also a bug that can sometimes prevent the Storm Goliaths from coming out of their pods, making the event impossible to complete.

2 Earle Williams

Event: A Colossal Problem

Earle Williams in Fallout 76

  • How To Trigger The Event: Launch A Nuke Over Monogah Mine

This event is incredibly rewarding due to the number of enemies that spawn during it. The event is fun, challenging, and great for those in need of screws. To complete this event, players will need to head to Monogah Mine via the public event option in the world activity menu, wait for the rubble to clear, and take down Earle Williams. Earle Williams is an unfortunate sole who became a Wendigo Colossus. He’s big and hard-hitting, and he has the ability to spawn endless waves of Wendigos.

This event has a player limit. Only eight people can join each instance. This makes it a bit more challenging. Also, due to the sheer volume of Wendigos that spawn, this event is perfect for those looking to farm XP. And, as mentioned, it’s great for those in need of screws.

When killed, each Wendigo drops up to 11 screws. If the player brings either an explosive weapon or a Tesla Rifle, it’s possible to pick up hundreds of screws and thousands of XP during this event. While there is a bug that can make Earle Williams get stuck inside walls, for the most part, the event offers players a good challenge, great rewards, and lots of XP.

1 The Scorchbeast Queen

Event: Scorched Earth

Dead Scorchbeast in Fallout 76

  • How To Trigger The Event: Launch A Nuke Over Fissure Site Prime

Scorched Earth is the original endgame boss. While the event isn’t as rewarding as A Colossal Problem, it is still the most popular nuked event in Fallout 76. It’s the most straightforward event on this list, as there’s only one objective: kill the Scorchbeast Queen.

The Scorchbeast Queen puts up a fairly decent fight. She also has the ability to spawn lots of Scorched enemies, which can make things tricky for V.A.T.S. users as they try to get a clear shot on the queen.

The Scorchbeast Queen is the only endgame boss that can fly. She will fly around Fissure Site Prime, landing occasionally to take swipes at nearby players. She can be slowed down by the Cryolator, and her wings can be crippled, forcing her to remain grounded throughout the duration of the event.

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