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Gears are an important crafting item to have in your inventory in Fallout 76, as you’ll need these to repair Power Armor, as well as craft new Power Armor. You can also use it to create gun mods for your weapons and enhance them to your liking by adding a scope or an improved barrel.

Searching for this junk item isn’t the easiest thing to do, as it can be difficult to find. There are certain items you can look out for and specific locations on the map where you’ll more frequently find some gears. Here are the best spots to visit.


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How to Farm Gears in Fallout 76

Image of the items received from breaking down a Bone Cutter in Fallout 76

There are quite a few sources where you can get gears from. There are many items that you can scrap to make into gears, but you can also get them as a drop from Deathclaws. We will show you a few locations where you can get it easily.

Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02

For the first location, we are going to visit the Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02. This can be found in the southeastern section of the map, directly north of Watoga. You can find it in the map image shown above.

When you arrive here, there will be a fenced-in area with a few Deathclaws inside. There’s also a possibility of a Deathclaw Matriarch appearing, which will drop seven Loose Gears upon defeat. You can keep this area in mind, refresh your map, and visit it again to have more Deathclaws spawn.

RobCo Research Center

Next, we will be making our way to the RobCo Research Center. You can find this northeast ofThunder Mountain Substation TM-02, and east ofMac’s Farm. As soon as you arrive, you’ll want to make your way inside the building.

Here, there will be quite a few different junk items you can pick up that will have gears in them. This includes Typewriters, Desk Fans, Cameras, Silver Pocket Watches, and Bone Cutters. There will be a ton of items on all floors inside the RobCo Research Center. When you find these junk items, you can scrap them at a workbench to get gears in return.

Charleston Herald

For the last spot, we will be taking a trip to the Charleston Herald. To reach this area, make your way directly south of Vault 76. You’ll find the Charleston Herald just north of the town of Charleston, and east of Camp Adams.

When you head inside, make your way up the ramps and stairs to reach the upper floors. These will have a slew of junk items, such as Typewriters and Desk Fans, that you can use to break down and turn into gears. You’ll want to visit every level inside here, as they will all have items that you can use for gears.


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How to Use Gears in Fallout 76

Image of a long barrel weapon mod in Fallout 76

There are quite a few different uses for gears in Fallout 76. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can use your gears for:

  • Crafting Power Armor
  • Repairing Power Armor
  • Crafting Turrets
  • Crafting Gun Mods (Hardened Receivers)

It’s best to save up your gears for crafting Power Armor, since this will require the most total gears. They are also important for keeping your Power Armor intact, as you’ll need to repair it frequently if you’re battling a lot.

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