• The new Cremator weapon in Fallout 76 is extremely powerful, potentially becoming the new meta in the game.
  • Future updates should continue bringing back fan-favorite weapons from previous Fallout games, like the Cremator.
  • More unique weapons being reintroduced, such as the Junk Jet from Fallout 4, would add variety to the game.

Fallout 76 recently released a new major content update alongside the start of another in-game Season on March 26. This has brought plenty of new content, features, and gameplay changes to Fallout 76, as well as an extremely powerful weapon, the Cremator.

Gamers who have played the previous Fallout franchise games might recognize the Cremator as a new and improved version of the Incinerator flamethrower. This isn’t the first time that new updates for Fallout 76 have reintroduced a weapon from past Fallout games, but hopefully, it remains a long-lasting tradition that future updates will continue.


One Feature Is A Must For Fallout 76’s 2024 Map Expansion

An upcoming content update for Fallout 76 expanding the game’s playable area to a new region can’t pass up on continuing a popular, existing feature.

Fallout 76’s Season 16 Brings An Old Weapon Into A New Wasteland

Fallout 76’s recent Seasonal Scoreboards have developed a pattern of occasionally introducing either new weapons or new armor to the game. With Fallout 76’s Season 16 Scoreboard, though, the newly introduced Cremator marks another instance of Fallout 76 bringing back an existing weapon from the past Fallout games instead of an original weapon.

This isn’t the first time Fallout 76 has brought back weapons from older games in the Fallout franchise. Even when the game first launched, Fallout 76 naturally featured several recurring weapons from the franchise. Since then, other, more unique weapons from the Fallout franchise have been added to Fallout 76, like the Auto-Axe from Fallout 3, and now the Cremator (formerly the Incinerator) from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout 76’s New Cremator Weapon Is Overpowered

Even without min-maxing the new weapon with mods and a Bloodied build in Fallout 76, the Cremator is an immensely powerful weapon. This weapon was already anticipated to be quite popular in Fallout 76 when it was first revealed because it’s a returning weapon, but with it being as strong as it is, it’s seemingly becoming the new meta in Fallout 76. With how popular this weapon has become, future updates for Fallout 76 should consider continuing this trend to revive more fan-favorite weapons sooner rather than later.

Other Weapons From Past Fallout Games That Fallout 76 Should Reintroduce

  • Alien Atomizer
  • Anti-Material Rifle
  • Drone Cannon
  • Holorifle
  • Junk Jet/Rock-It Launcher
  • ‘Medicine Stick’ Brush Gun
  • Mesmetron
  • Recharger Rifle
  • Recharger Pistol
  • Tesla Cannon
  • ‘This Machine’ Battle Rifle

If there’s one returning weapon that arguably deserves to be reintroduced to Fallout 76 above all else, it’s the Junk Jet from Fallout 4, (formerly known as the Rock-It Launcher in Fallout 3.) This weapon would truly be at home in Fallout 76, considering that as an MMO, some players have amassed a wealth of rare items in Fallout 76 to put to use with this weapon.

The Junk Jet/Rock-It Launcher is a heavy weapon that fires junk resources instead of typical ammunition.

Otherwise, Fallout 3’s Mothership Zeta DLC has a few particular weapons that deserve a comeback, even though a majority of the weapons from this DLC are already available in Fallout 76. This DLC lets players get their hands on a variety of alien weapons that behave quite differently from any ordinary weapons, giving a whole new variety to the franchise’s energy weapons category that shouldn’t be left behind.

Some of the unique energy weapons from past Fallout games also come with the added bonus of dealing extra damage to robots and enemies wearing Power Armor. Even though PvP in Fallout 76 isn’t very popular, weapons that deal increased damage against Power Armor could be a game-changer for the game’s existing PvP community.

Even though the Cremator isn’t the first returning weapon to appear in Fallout 76, it shouldn’t be the last. Ultimately, there are still plenty of unique, fan-favorite weapons from the Fallout games that deserve to make a return in the franchise, and Fallout 76 would be the perfect platform to bring these weapons to a modern audience.

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