Fallout’s TV adaptation is coming to Prime Video a day early. The new series will now make its debut on Wednesday, April 10th, 2024, at 9PM ET / 6PM PT, rather than on April 11th.

Walton Goggins, who plays nuclear wasteland survivor The Ghoul, made the announcement on Monday, saying the early premiere comes as a “thank-you” to fans. All eight episodes will appear on the platform at the same time, so you might have to restrain yourself from watching them all in one go.

The Fallout series takes place 200 years after a nuclear war devastated the planet, forcing people into underground vaults to survive. It follows three different characters as they contend with their irradiated surroundings: vault dweller Lucy MacLean (Ella Purnell), Brotherhood of Steel member Maximus (Aaron Moten), and The Ghoul (Goggins).

Other supporting cast members include Moisés Arias, Kyle MacLachlan, Sarita Choudhury, Michael Emerson, Leslie Uggams, and Zach Cherry. While you wait for the series’ official premiere, you can check out some of the Fallout trailers Prime Video has released over the past few months.


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