The Griddy Dance is the most taunting celebration in FC 24; here’s how to perform it after each goal.

The Griddy Dance originated as a football celebration back in 2019. Allen “Griddy” Davis, a high school football player at the time, devised the move as a playful means to taunt opponents. However, the dance quickly gained traction and evolved into a viral celebration embraced by sports fans worldwide, particularly those fond of EA’s soccer simulator, FC—formerly called FIFA.

In FC 24, you now have the opportunity to perform the Griddy celebration with smoother and more realistic animations. All you need is this guide to teach you the steps.


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How to Perform the Griddy Dance in FC 24

You can do the Griddy Dance by pushing the right joystick up twice while holding the right trigger. The formula for this celebration is R2 + Up + Up on PlayStation and RT + Up + Up on Xbox. On PC, the combination is Right + Left while holding the D button.

  • PlayStation: Hold R2 and press Up twice on the right joystick.
  • Xbox: Hold RT and press Up on the right joystick twice.
  • PC: Hold down the D button and press Left and Right simultaneously.

After scoring a goal, you have a few seconds to move the player. Use this opportunity to get closer to
the Goalkeeper
or the opposing side’s fans and perform the Griddy Dance in front of them as a taunt.

How to Cancel the Griddy Dance Animation

a quick animation after the griddy celebration in fc 24.

The Griddy Dance animation in FC 24 can be lengthy. To cancel this celebration, hold R1 + L1 simultaneously. On Xbox, you can do the same by pressing LB + RB.

To stop seeing the opponent’s Griddy Dance, navigate to Game Settings > Visuals > and change the Celebration Camera Focus to “User Controlled Team.” With this setting enabled, you will only see your own players and manager during celebrations, while the opponent’s actions will not be displayed.

New Celebrations to Try if You Like The Griddy Dance

a new goal celebration in ea sports fc 24.

EA Sports FC 24 has a plethora of new goal celebrations. Here are some after-score taunts that you will enjoy if the Griddy celebration is your favorite:

  • Bye: Hold LB (L1 on PlayStation) + Press the right joystick
  • Flex: Hold LB (L1 on PlayStation) + X (Square on PlayStation)
  • Faking It: Hold LT (L2 on PlayStation) + Left + Left on the right joystick
  • Wheel: Hold LT (L2 on PlayStation) + rotate the right joystick anti-clockwise

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EA Sports FC 24
September 29, 2023


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