• Fortnite
    ‘s Creative mode offers a wide variety of party game maps, including adaptations of popular board and card games like Guess Who and Crazy Eights.
  • Some of the best party game maps in
    have impressive designs and provide a flawless gameplay experience for multiplayer enjoyment.
  • Fans can also find creative and original party games in
    like Dice Card Battle and Rentopoly, offering unique gameplay experiences within the game.

Fortnite has a very large abundance of Creative mode maps that the community has made themselves. These maps vary in genre, and can either be multiplayer or single-player. One of the most popular genres of Creative maps out there in Fortnite is ‘party game.’ Party game maps are multiplayer games that typically take a board/card game or popular minigames and turn them into a map for gamers to enjoy.


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There are plenty of party games out there throughout the Creative Directory, but fans wouldn’t want to miss out on the best ones. The best party maps have fantastic designs, as well as gameplay that flawlessly plays out.

Updated on June 9, 2024, by Ashely Claudino: There are hundreds of Creative Islands in Fortnite, and it’s not always easy to find the best games among such a wide selection. This list has been updated and now includes two additional party games: Dude Perfect Dodgeball, an excellent choice for those who prefer sports-oriented games, and Guess the Correct Logo, a fun game that will get players wondering if they truly recognize their favorite brands and franchises’ logos.

12 Fort Who


Fort Who

Fort Who is a take on the classic “Guess Who” board game in which two players go against each other to guess what character the other one has first. In this 1v1 map, fans can choose a category of characters to choose from, whether it be Gaming Legends, Marvel, or others. Once assigned a character, each player will take turns attempting to guess what character the opponent has.

With a complete board full of faces, gamers can eliminate characters and make their final guesses. Fort Who is a fantastic party map for two players.

11 Card Chaos


Card Chaos map

Fans of Uno and Crazy Eights will no doubt recognize this Creative game. Card Chaos is Fortnite’s adaptation of the Crazy Eights card game, in which various players take turns getting rid of their colored cards before the others can. Up to four players can hop into Card Chaos, making it one of the best Creative maps to play with a full squad.

In Card Chaos, the rules are essentially the same as Uno. Fans will have to play a card that matches the color of the card in the middle, or that has the same number. There are even cards in Card Chaos that will make it more difficult for opponents to win, such as the Draw 2 card.

10 Dice Card Battle – Yatty


Dice Card Battle - yatty

Many games in Creative mode take a classic game and adapt it into Fortnite; this Dice Card Battle – Yatty map doesn’t do that. Dice Card Battle is an original party game that up to four players can jump into. In Dice Card Battle, players will attempt to match dice to play respective cards.


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There are two phases in Dice Card Battle: Action and defensive. During the action phase, fans will match dice to use matching cards, which will deal damage to opposing players. Defensive cards are used during the defensive phase to defend the player from incoming attacks.

9 Rentopoly 2.0


Rentopoly 2.0

Rentopoly 2.0 is essentially a virtual game of Monopoly but with Fortnite-themed tiles. In Rentopoly, fans will take turns rolling dice and moving across the square board. Different locations can be purchased by gamers, which will force opponents to pay the person who owns the tile that they land on.

Owning a set of locations (have the same color) will allow the player to collect houses and hotels, which raises the price that other players pay for those tiles. To win Rentopoly, which may take some time, the other players must become bankrupt, leaving a single winner.

8 Octo Game 2.0


Octo Game 2.0

Squid Game left a forever mark in the entertainment industry, and as such, has been adapted into Fortnite’s Creative game mode (unofficially). Octo Game 2.0 is the closest that gamers will get to playing Squid Game’s events in Fortnite, and the title is very well-made.


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Octo Game 2.0 will star different players in the game while they attempt to make it through various minigames, which are trying to eliminate players. The last person standing wins the game.

7 Murder Mystery


Murder Mystery map

Games that feature a killer or two against a team of players trying to figure out who the killer is aren’t all that uncommon, especially after the rise of Among Us. In Fortnite, there are several different renditions of this type of game, but Murder Mystery may be the best one.

Murder Mystery has been a popular Fortnite map since its creation, and is a classic take on the ‘murder mystery’ genre. 12 gamers can fit in the Murder Mystery map, while one is the killer, one is the sheriff, and the rest are survivors. Fans can also collect XP while playing on this map, making it a wonderful way to level up.

6 Ultimate Spleef


Ultimate Spleef map

Spleef is an old-school minigame that gamers were able to play in Minecraft, but now the minigame is playable in Fortnite. In Ultimate Spleef, a Fortnite Creative map that has been up since before UE5’s integration, fans will play on a large square full of colored titles. Below the square are even more tiles, making it difficult for players to be completely eliminated.

To take out opponents, fans will have to destroy the tiles they’re standing on, which sends them falling to the levels below, and eventually, to their demise. There are also tools, like Impulse Grenades, that fans can use Gold on and purchase.


This game can be played by yourself or with a group of friends. There are five difficulty levels, and each level has a total of 50 logos for players. First, gamers have to choose between two logos and as the difficulty increases, they’ll eventually have to pick the right logo out of three.

If players gather a squad to play with, they can turn it into a race. There are a total of 250 logos in the Guess the Correct Logo Creative island, and an extremely fun way to play it is to see who reaches the finish line first for each difficulty level.

4 Poker Verse


Poker Verse

Seeing as card games have spawned in abundance throughout the Creative directory, it was only natural that a poker map would fit in Fortnite. Poker Verse takes the classic card game of poker and adapts it into a way for fans to play for free wherever they’re at.

In Poker Verse, up to 18 players can join in, risking their tokens in games of poker. There are even multiple poker tables for fans to utilize, allowing for different poker matches to occur in the same lobby.

3 Fish Stick’s Go Fish

Fish Stick's Go Fish map

Go Fish is another classic card game, one that is known by many as the most known card game with its easy rules. Fish Stick’s Go Fish is an excellent Creative map that allows for up to four players to play Go Fish with each other. The different cards are all unique, based on colors and items in Fortnite.

To win Go Fish, players need to make matching sets of their cards, which is done by asking other players for specific cards. If they’re unable to obtain the card they ask for, they must draw, making it more difficult for them to complete their hand.

2 Dude Perfect Dodgeball


The Dude Perfect Dodgeball Creative island allows up to 16 players to compete against each other and become the ultimate dodgeball champion. Even though their in-game stats reset each time they’re eliminated, players can also collect Dude Perfect tokens to increase their power, max ammo, recharge time, and shield cooldown, making them stronger with each token they collect.

It’s clear that this party game has been perfected over time, and it now has tons of features that allow players to improve their dodgeball loadout and increase their power as they rank up and unlock cool gear.

1 Spinner Of Shields


Spinner of Shields map

Spinner of Shields is one of the most unique maps in the entirety of Fortnite’s Creative game mode. In this remarkable map, players are thrown into a half-dome structure against other combatants. With shields spinning around their character, players will attempt to knock the opponents off of the map, or into deadly obstacles.

To win Spinner of Shields, fans will have to be the last one standing. Using currency in Spinner of Shields, gamers can purchase new shields. Up to eight players can join Spinner of Shields, which is fantastic for squads with more than four people who are unable to play Battle Royale.



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