Fortnite reinserted Midas into its lore with the release of patch v29.01 for Chapter 5 Season 2. Many gamers were convinced that they would never see Midas on the Battle Royale island again, but the Myths & Mortals season proved to be the right time to bring him back to life with the introduction of Hades and his realm of The Underworld.


Fortnite: Where to Find Ascendant Midas

Midas is back on the Fortnite Battle Royale island – here’s where players must go to find him.

Midas escaped The Underworld and made his way back to his yacht, the Marigold. Even though they had to wait longer than initially expected, Ascendant Midas finally became available once update v29.10 went live.

How to Get the Ascendant Midas Skin

Ascendant Midas returned to the Fortnite Battle Royale island as a friendly NPC. Many fans were hoping that once patch v29.01 went live, they’d be able to acquire Ascendant Midas as a skin, but that was not the case, and it only became available with update v29.10.

Players can purchase Ascendant Midas in the Fortnite Item Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks. Ascendant Midas retains the Golden Touch ability as well as the reactivity, which means he will still turn every item that he touches into gold, and the skin itself will turn into gold as the player’s elimination count increases throughout a match.

The Ascendant Midas skin includes the Golden King’s Cape as a back bling and an alternative Shade style. On top of this, fans can purchase The Golden Touch pickaxe for 800 V-Bucks and the Golden Ascension wrap for 500 V-Bucks. If they want to own all of the Ascendant Midas items, they can purchase the Golden King Bundle for 2,500 and save 800 V-Bucks.

The Golden King Set

There are quite a few items in the Golden King cosmetic set, and gamers will have to purchase some items, complete a fair bit of quests and play a few matches to get all of them.

Players who are interested in more gilded theme items should complete the Rise of Midas Quests and the Midas Presents: Floor is Lava Quests to unlock additional rewards. In the end, here is everything Midas-themed that gamers can get their hands on:

  • Ascendant Midas skin
  • Golden King’s Cape back bling
  • The Golden Touch harvesting tool
  • The Rise of Midas loading screen (Rise of Midas Cup)
  • The Gilded Vengeance harvesting tool
  • Rose of Avarice back bling
  • Queen in Gold glider


July 25, 2017

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