Pirates of the Caribbean x Fortnite brings forth 5 iconic characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, allowing them to roam Fortnite‘s many modes in players’ lockers. Whilst there is ripe potential for even more Pirates of the Caribbean cosmetics, the outfits provided to Fortnite have all been great choices so far, bringing in some of the best and most memorable characters from the movies that fans love.


Fortnite: How To Get The Jack Sparrow Skin

The legendary (and worst) pirate of the Seven Seas stumbles into Fortnite, and Captain Jack Sparrow will have players remember this day!

Yet, how do fans actually get the Pirates of the Caribbean skins in Fortnite? After all, every pirate has their own ship and desires, so it makes sense that they are all individuals who seek their own fortune. Players can currently get 5 Pirates of the Caribbean skins in Fortnite, and all of them can be found below.

How To Get Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

  • That’s “Captain” Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow can be acquired through purchasing the Cursed Sails Pass for 1,000 V-Bucks. Players will need this premium track in order to gain instant access to Jack Sparrow. The pass will expire on August 6, so it’s best to grab him now rather than later for fans of this rum-loving pirate, who is somehow the best and worst at what he does. Acquiring Jack Sparrow instantly grants players access to the LEGO Style too.

Jack Sparrow’s outfit looks just like it would on Johnny Depp, showing the commitment that Fortnite have to bringing these Disney characters to life. Adorned with his iconic jewelry, weapons, and mannerisms, Jack Sparrow is a must-have for Pirates of the Caribbean fans.

How To Get Cursed Jack Sparrow

Cursed Jack Sparrow

  • That’s “Cursed Captain” Jack Sparrow.

Cursed Jack Sparrow is not an alternate style of Jack Sparrow, but instead a whole new outfit that comes as part of the Cursed Sails Pass, purchased for 1,000 V-Bucks. Whilst Jack Sparrow can be acquired straight away with the premium track, players will have to progress through the premium track to reach the Tier 11reward, which also comes with a LEGO Style.

Cursed Jack Sparrow is an interesting addition to the game, as it fits perfectly with the spooky themes of Halloween, and even the more horror aspects of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Wearing this skin, players will be able to see through Jack Sparrow for his skeletal appearance is rather thin.

Pirates of the Caribbean
outfits should be available in the Item Shop on July 18th.

How To Get Davy Jones

Davy Jones

  • Infamous Captain of the Flying Dutchman.

Davy Jones will be available in the Item Shop for a currently unknown price of V-Bucks. Usually, players can acquire a collab skin from the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks or 1,600 V-Bucks. Davy Jones’ official price will be updated the moment more information is available.

Davy Jones looks great, so to trap him in the players’ Fortnite locker would be a hilarious twist of fortune. His peg leg and claw hand add to his design, and it shows the level of craft featured from this CGI character that still looks real to this day.

How To Get Captain Barbossa

Captain Barbossa

  • Master Pirate and Mutineer.

The same for Captain Barbossa, players will be able to get their hands on this beloved and shifty pirate in the Item Shop at a later time, for an undisclosed amount of V-Bucks. It’s entirely possible that Captain Barbossa can also be purchased in a bundle along with Davy Jones and Elizabeth Swann for a cheaper price, but as of right now, it remains to be seen.

The elusive and tricky Captain Barbossa bites his way into Fortnite, bringing forth a plethora of ghost stories and tales of success. Barbossa’s outfit and stature show why he is such an iconic pirate, and one who will probably be seeking the Black Pearl over the Victory Royale.

How To Get Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth Swann

  • Pirate King and Captain of her fleet.

Joining alongside Davy Jones and Captain Barbossa in the Item Shop, Elizabeth Swann can be claimed in a bundle or separately for a currently unknown amount of V-Bucks. Elizabeth Swan will be bundled with a few goodies, including a LEGO Style, but sadly, no Will Turner by her side to enter into duos with.

The famed Pirate King, Elizabeth Swann makes her way to Fortnite, providing players with one of their favorite Pirates of the Caribbean characters. It’s great to see the best of them get some love, but it’s a shame she can’t be paired up with Will Turner one last time since their love story was integral to the series.



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