• Pokemon Generation 8 could inspire Monster Hunter Wilds with unique designs like the menacing Centiskorch and powerful Ursaluna evolution.
  • Copperajah’s destructive abilities could shape up Monster Hunter Wilds’ terrain, creating new challenges and dynamic environments.
  • Kleavor’s menacing appearance and stone axes for hands make it a walking weapon perfect for the intense battles in Monster Hunter Wilds.

Generation 8 of Pokemon was full of ideas that could prove useful to Monster Hunter Wilds. While Monster Hunter Wilds is looking to be a big step forward for the series, Pokemon spent Gen 8 releasing two of the series’ most innovative installments with Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. That generation also introduced many powerful and intimidating Pokemon for players to catch, and many of those Pokemon could be inspirational for the next generation of Monster Hunter.

Pokemon Generation 8 brought the games closer to resembling the Monster Hunter series than ever before. One big example is Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Wild Area, a large area of wilderness where Pokemon roamed freely. Pokemon Legends: Arceus went even further, taking place in times before Pokemon and humans living together became common. This made it the most unique title in the Pokemon series outside of spin-offs thus far, and its wild setting is somewhat reminiscent of a Monster Hunter title.


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Galar and Hisui Had Plenty of Monster Hunter-Ready Pokemon

Centiskorch Could Provide Monster Hunter With a Big, Burning Bug

Centipedes are already somewhat eerie, and Pokemon Sword and Shield made a centipede absolutely lethal. Centiskorch is a nearly ten-foot long centipede that spits fire, hits hard, and is a gifted fighter. An incredibly long monster in the vein of a centipede would already offer an interesting gimmick in Monster Hunter Wilds, even before taking its fire powers into account. A monster like Centiskorch would provide a dangerous encounter that players would be unlikely to forget anytime soon.

Ursaluna is a Near-Mythical Beast Worthy of Monster Hunter

Pokemon Legends: Arceus introduced some new evolutions for older Pokemon, with Ursaluna being one of the biggest. An evolution of the already-intimidating Ursaring, Ursaluna is a physical powerhouse of a bear that can tear unprepared enemies apart. In a sense, Ursaluna itself is already ready for Monster Hunter, because it’s big, fearsome, and has a striking, memorable design. This big bruiser could likely fight on par with the creatures of Monster Hunter Wilds as is.

Ursaluna has an alternate form, Bloodmoon Ursaluna, that looks even more frightening, similar to several
Monster Hunter

Copperajah Could Trample Over Monster Hunter Wilds’ New Areas

In case terraforming is a big part of Monster Hunter Wilds, a monster like Copperajah could play a big role in that regard. A towering elephant with a massive trunk, it can smash stones to pieces with its trunk alone. A similar beast in Monster Hunter Wilds could practically leave craters in the ground after attempting to flatten the player with its own trunk. An area of the map could look totally different after a Copperajah-like monster’s rampage, which could create some exciting hunts.

Grimmsnarl’s Dangerous Hair Could Inspire An Interesting Fighting Style in Monster Hunter Wilds

Grimmsnarl is an unusual Fairy-type in Pokemon, being more like a troll than the type’s usual graceful entries. However, Grimmsnarl’s wicked design and abilities would help it fit in among the monsters in Monster Hunter Wilds. While Grimmsnarl’s bulk is impressive, it’s ability to slash and stab other creatures with its hair would be an astounding talent to see in Monster Hunter Wilds. Weaponized hair is a highly interesting gimmick, and since Grimmsnarl pulled it off, Monster Hunter Wilds could reasonably do the same.


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Kleavor is a Walking Weapon That Would Do Well in Monster Hunter Wilds

Some Pokemon explain everything one may need to know about them from their design alone. Kleavor is a large mantis with heavy stone axes for hands, and it’s geared for offense over all else. Slamming axes at the player is scarier than a lot of other Monster Hunter attacks, so Kleavor’s potential is already obvious. While Kleavor’s pre-evolution Scyther is another Pokemon fit for Monster Hunter, Kleavor is a cut above. Monster Hunter Wilds could certainly use something as scary as Kleavor.

monster hunter wilds

Monster Hunter Wilds

Monster Hunter Wilds is the latest entry in Capcom’s decorated franchise, and the game is expected to launch in 2025.


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