• The Song of Days Past artifact set in Genshin Impact is beneficial for healers, as it allows them to provide continuous healing while also granting a damage buff to the main DPS.
  • Characters like Kuki Shinobu and Yaoyao synergize well with the Song of Days Past set, as they can provide healing and buffs to the team while maximizing the set’s effects.
  • Characters like Qiqi and Xianyun can also make good use of the Song of Days Past set, as it enhances their healing abilities and allows for greater damage buffs for the active character.

The Song of Days Past artifact in Genshin Impact is a set that helps players include more healers into their teams without worrying about damage loss. In the six seconds right after the Song of Days Past set’s passive effect starts recording healing, the equipped character must be able to make the most of each recording to keep a decent buff flowing to the main DPS in the team.


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The only condition you need to meet when building a character with Song of Days Past is for them to be an acceptable healer. If the equipped character is a Support that can give ongoing healing, then they can make the most of what the set can offer.

8 Barbara

She Enjoys Supporting Your Opponents More

best build for barbara in genshin impact

The problem with Barbara isn’t her healing, it’s her constant Hydro application on her allies. When up against Cryo enemies, or even worse, strong Pyro opponents, Barbara becomes their Support instead. She will continuously apply Hydro, and they’ll keep Freezing your characters or triggering Vaporize damage on them. Even a strong healing set like Song Of Days Past can’t solve this issue. However, in exchange for the damage taken, it does synergize well with Barbara’s continuous healing to grant the active DPS a good chunk of damage for a while.

7 Kuki Shinobu

Not Just An Electro Enabler

Genshin Impact - Kuki Shinobu

Kuki can really heal with her Elemental Skill. It’s not just a Talent to spread Electro and trigger Hyperbloom in Genshin Impact. If you want your Main DPS to be healed and Kuki was built properly to do the task, she is more than capable of handling the team’s healing, especially if the Song of Days Past set is included in her build. Then, Kuki will also slightly buff the main carry’s damage for a while.

6 Yaoyao

Run Around And Buff Everyone

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Yaoyao can keep healing from her Elemental Skill, and when Yaoyao casts her Elemental Burst, she runs around for a few seconds, enough to maximize the recording of the Song of Days Past set. With all that continuous and strong healing, Yaoyao can make the most of the healing/buff artifact set in Genshin Impact.

5 Sangonomiya Kokomi

A Good Artifact Set For An Amazing Healer

Genshin Impact Sangonomiya Kokomi 5-Star Hydro Catalyst Character idle animation

Since Song of Days Past needs six seconds to record the team’s healing before releasing the buff, you can cast Kokomi’s Elemental Burst for a few seconds just to maximize the heal, then leave her Elemental Skill on the field and switch to the main DPS.


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All the Song of Days Past needs is a decent healer to make the most of it, and Kokomi is an excellent healer who can make use of the entire set’s passive.

4 Jean

Strong Healer With A Minimal Supportive Purpose

Genshin Impact character Jean

Jean’s initial healing when she casts her Elemental Burst can be huge to the point she can maximize Song of Days Past’s passive buff almost immediately. She then will continuously heal the active character within her Dandelion Field. Not to mention, on C2, Jean has an ATK SPD buff that helps the main carry with their Normal attacks.

Adding 4pc Song of Days Past to Jean’s build in Genshin Impact not only improves her healing but also gives her an additional buffing role. Her Dandelion Field stays on the field for 10 seconds, which is enough to keep the active DPS buffed for a while.

3 Baizhu

Fits Perfectly With Song Of Days Past

baizhu in genshin impact

Baizhu is no stranger to healing and buffing, since both of them work together in harmony. Equipping 4pc Song of Days Past on him allows him to further buff his DPS while the team enjoys his improved healing. Baizhu is one of the few characters that can easily maximize the buff of Song of Days Past in Genshin Impact since his Skill heals everyone and his Burst continuously heals the active character.


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If Baizhu is Supporting a Dendro DPS, then someone else in his team should use Deepwood Memories to free Baizhu from that responsibility. If no one can bear Deepwood Memories, however, he needs to stick to the debuff set as Song of Days Past won’t outperform the Dendro RES reduction provided by Deepwood.

2 Qiqi

Finally, Qiqi Has A Best-in-Slot Artifact Set


One of Qiqi’s flaws is the staggering amount of overheal she offers without any benefit. Her healing is so unique, that it requires a very aggressive DPS carry to make the most of it. Previously, with Ocean-Hued Clam, Qiqi performed excellently, but the only problem was that she needed an active unit with melee range, so the damage from Ocean-Hued Clam would land on enemies around them. Now with Song of Days Past, the active character can be anyone, and the more aggressive the DPS carry is, the better the damage buff Qiqi can grant through the set’s passive.

1 Xianyun

One Of The Best Characters To Use Song Of Days Past

xianyun and nahida roles in genshin impact

Other than healing, Xianyun has decent mechanics that allow her to take on different roles and perform multiple tasks in her team. Some of these tasks can only be performed based on the artifact set she’s using. For example, having 4pc Noblesse Oblige forces players to cast her Elemental Burst more often to keep her 20% ATK buff active. On the other hand, 4pc Viridescent Venerer makes her more flexible as her Anemo AoE attacks now debuff enemies’ resistance.

Finally, when Xianyun is built with a 4pc Song of Days Past, her healing is improved, and she gets the ability to buff the active character’s damage by a portion of her healing. This creates a very relaxing playstyle, yet, a powerful one for a superb Support like Xianyun in Genshin Impact.

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