• Chiori will be the only new character in Genshin Impact version 4.5, and players can expect to learn more about the Fontaine arc during this update.
  • Future versions of Genshin Impact will be filled with content, including time-limited events, story quests, and new characters. Adeptus and Harbingers like Columbina and Xianyun will make their playable debut sooner than expected.
  • Chiori, a five-star character, will rely on elemental reactions as a Geo character. Her burst ability buffs the entire party and her gameplay will revolve around Crystallise. She is expected to arrive in mid-March with version 4.5.

Some Genshin Impact leaks provide information about Chiori’s kit and release date, revealing that she will be the only new character in version 4.5. Based on previous Genshin Impact leaks, it has been known that when Chiori arrives in the game, she will be available to claim through an event that promotes a pair of reruns, Ayato and Kamisato Ayaka. Multiple sources claim the character is the protagonist of version 4.5, during which players will allegedly learn fresh details about the Fontaine arc.

Genshin Impact‘s future versions will allegedly be jam-packed with content, from time-limited events and story quests to characters. Despite having a limited presence in the game’s story, some Adeptus and Harbingers, such as Columbina and Xianyun, will make their playable debut sooner than expected. According to reputed leakers, each Genshin Impact update will add at least one five-star character as part of the limited-time event banner.


Genshin Impact Reveals Primogem And Wish Count for Version 4.4

Genshin Impact players can now reliably plan their Event Banner pulls with a final estimate of Primogems and Wishes coming in Version 4.4.

Recent Genshin Impact leaks from PTL and Mr. White have revealed some details about Chiori’s release date and kit, confirming that she will be the only new character in version 4.5. The upcoming five-star unit will reportedly function as an off-field support and work in sync with Albedo. Besides her elemental skill that causes instant Geo damage, Chiori’s burst buffs the entire party upon triggering Crystallise. Due to being a Geo character, her gameplay will rely on elemental reactions.

Genshin Impact Leaks Chiori Kit Details

As for Chiori’s release date, she is expected to arrive in version 4.5, which will likely go live in mid-March. It’s worth noting that the leak doesn’t specifically reveal which phase of the update the character will receive her debut banner.

Chiori is described as a five-star character whose skill set is based on Crystallise, an elemental reaction that occurs when Geo units deal damage to targets with Pyro, Electro, Hydro, or Cryo debuffs. Initiating this combat effect is one of the ways to enhance the team’s capabilities and get elemental shields that absorb a degree of damage. If early leaks about her kit are accurate, Chiori will unleash her true potential when paired with characters that specialize in different elements.

Genshin Impact‘s upcoming version 4.3 will give players the opportunity to expand their team with a free unit, which will likely be the four-star Claymore user Gaming. It’s being said that he will be one of the Lantern Rite Festival rewards, along with his signature weapon. In addition to characters and weapons, update 4.3 will offer a certain number of Primogems that can be used in the permanent banner.

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