Sacred Simulacra are the most common sight in Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale, but it’s not the only puzzle in the area. While exploring the valley, players will also see some other mechanisms like Lotus Lamp, Jade Cascade, and Jade Incense Cauldron. Jade Incense Cauldrons can be quite confusing the first time you see it, but fortunately, those who choose to do the main Chenyu Vale quest will get a small tutorial on how to solve this type of riddle.

If players are stuck on the Jade Incense Cauldron while being tasked to investigate the stone shrine in Genshin Impact’s Floating Jade, Treasure of Chenyu quest, they can read this guide carefully to know what to do.



Genshin Impact: How To Open The Green Barrier Southeast of Jademouth – North Of Chizhang Wall

A green adeptal barrier southeast of Jademouth or northwest of Chizhang Wall may block Genshin Impact players from taking the Luxurious Chest inside.

How To Investigate The Stone Shrine In Genshin Impact

investigate stone shrine chenyu vale genshin impact

To investigate the stone shrine in Genshin Impact Floating Jade, Treasure of Chenyu quest, players must use their adeptal energy to light up all the Jade Incense Cauldron. To do so, first, stand on the marked spot; make sure the adeptal energy (light ball) is on the left large Cauldron. Then, simply call the adeptal energy so that the light ball passes through the smaller Jade Cauldrons.

If the light is not in the large Cauldron on the left, then simply move it to the left or do the process in reverse.

investigate the stone shrine jade incense genshin impact

Once the first two Jade Incense Cauldrons are lit up, move the light ball to the big Cauldron on the right.

jade incense cauldron puzzle genshin impact

Now, stand on the side across the quest marker and call the adeptal energy so that the light ball touches the remaining two Cauldrons.

investigate stone shrine treasure hoarder genshin impact

Next, head to the second stone shrine location in Genshin Impact to find a bunch of Treasure Hoarders. There are several waves to this fight, including one that features Treasure Hoarders with boss-like HP bar, Xi Xiao’er and Lousan. After beating them, approach the stone shrine to proceed with the quest.

If players read the notes by the Treasure Hoarder’s tent, they’ll find that the criminals are also yearning to reveal the secret of the Jademouth. The notes contain the same folk song as the one Little Mao was talking about. Unfortunately for them, they don’t have the adeptal power to proceed with the task, so they’re simply stuck.

Try Using Your Adeptal Energy In Genshin Impact

try using adeptal energy jademouth genshin impact

Now, return to Jademouth and Little Mao suggests using the players’ adeptal energy to activate the secret whirlpool. Stand on the spot near the child, then look up to the green jade ball to see an adeptal energy marker. Activate your adeptal power, and a cutscene will start, showing a whirlpool opening in the water that you can enter. Under there, you’ll find an entirely new area to explore. Travelers will also meet Fujin again here, and the adeptus will ask them to find some Scattered Adeptal Energy in Genshin Impact.

Discovering the secret of Jademouth rewards players with the Spirits Adrift, Alas, in Water achievement.

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