Recent Genshin Impact leaks reveal more details about two new weapons that will arrive alongside Chiori in the upcoming update 4.5.


  • Genshin Impact leak reveals two new weapons coming in Version 4.5, including a five-star sword for the new Geo character Chiori.
  • The leaked weapons are Urakugo Rensai (five-star sword) and Dialogues of the Desert Sages (four-star polearm).
  • Chiori is expected to be a sub-DPS character, and players are advised to pull for her signature weapon to maximize her damage potential.

A new Genshin Impact leak has revealed more information about two new weapons that will arrive in the upcoming Version 4.5. HoYoverse’s tight update schedule allows them to constantly add new content to the game, including playable characters, weapons, artifacts, etc.

The most recent Genshin Impact version 4.4 has introduced the long-awaited Xianyun, the human version of the famous Adeptus previously known as Cloud Retainer. She is not the only new roster addition, as HoYoverse also introduced a new four-star Liyue character Gaming.


Genshin Impact Reveals Phase 2 Rerun Characters and Weapons for 4.4

Genshin Impact officially reveals rerun characters and weapons that will be available to claim in the second phase of version 4.4.

The current update also introduced Genshin Impact‘s annual Lantern Rite Festival, which usually gives Travelers the chance to acquire many important items for free, including at least one four-star character. Despite the festival having started just a couple of days ago, new leaks have already revealed tons of new content that will arrive in the next update which, going by HoYoverse’s usual schedule, should arrive around March 13. A recent post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed two new weapons that will be added during Version 4.5, one of which will serve as the signature sword for the new Geo user, Chiori.

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New Genshin Impact Weapons in Update 4.5

Chiori is rumored to be a five-star sword user, which will make her the second Geo character to have this weapon type, not including the Aether and Lumine. According to the leak, the weapons are called Urakugo Rensai and Dialogues of the Desert Sages.

Urakugo Rensai – Sword

  • Rarity: Five-star weapon
  • Base Attack: 542
  • Secondary stat: Crit Damage
  • Secondary stat max. value: 88.2%
  • Passive: When the weapon user is on the field, their Normal and Charged Attack damage will be increased by 16%. If the character is not on the field, the Elemental Skill damage will be increased by 24%. These effects are doubled if a nearby active character deals Geo damage. Additionally, the weapon also buffs the weapon holder’s DEF by 20%, which can come in handy for a lot of Geo users in Genshin Impact, whose kit scales with this stat.

Dialogues of the Desert Sages – Polearm

  • Rarity: Four-star weapon
  • Base Attack: 510
  • Secondary stat: HP percentage
  • Secondary stat max. value: 41.3%
  • Passive: When the weapon wielder applies a healing effect, the weapon will restore 8 Energy points. The effect can only be triggered once every 10 seconds, and it’s active even if the character is not on the field.

Chiori is expected to be a sub-DPS character in Genshin Impact, which means that the majority of her damage will come from her off-field abilities. This means that players who want to get their damage potential to the next level should try to pull for their signature weapon. The new four-star weapon seems very flexible, and it can be used by almost any polearm healer in the game.

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