Pakko is a Frontline/Support hero in Gigantic with an extremely potent kit at his disposal. Indeed, his ability to both debuff opponents and buff teammates can have a significant impact throughout a match, particularly when he is equipped with a powerful build. This guide is here to detail such a build, and Gigantic players who want to maximize the efficacy of their Pakkos should definitely consider giving it a try.

Players can create custom builds for their heroes by clicking “Heroes” on the main menu, selecting a

, and then clicking on the “Builds” tab. From there, fans should click on the wrench that appears to the right of one of the custom build slots and start selecting the desired skill upgrades.


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Gigantic: Pakko Build

Frost Swipes

  • Cold Kit Combo
  • Extra Sauce

Snowball Toss

  • Stick it to ‘Em
  • Shattered

Slip and Slide

  • Snow Bowling
  • Forceful Impact

Frost Path

Breath of Frigid Air

  • Frozen Focus
  • Feeling Better


This build is all about setting up quick engagements, and it looks to swoop in, create opportunities for easy kills, and retreat before the opponents’ are able to dispatch Pakko. Frequently, this manifests as engaging with the daze from an upgraded Slip and Slide, following up with a freeze from Frost Path, extending that freeze with a quick Snowball Toss, and dealing some additional damage with Frosty Swipes before retreating.

Frost Path is an excellent skill for retreating, and

fans may want to save it for that purpose if they fear that an engagement is destined to go south.

The build also excels at peeling enemies and rescuing teammates, and players should always look for opportunities to perform those maneuvers. This might mean hitting an opponent that is in pursuit of a teammate with a Snowball Toss, Slip and Slide, or Frost Path, as the resulting debuffs should give the friendly the time that they need to get to safety. Alternatively, fans of hero shooters can use their Frost Path to give fleeing teammates a burst of speed, as that will frequently achieve a similar result.

To note, it is certainly possible to build a tankier Pakko by focusing on skill upgrades like Defensive Swings and Safety First. That said, fans of multiplayer video games who want to fill the role of a straightforward tank may want to choose a hero that is better suited for that endeavor, such as the Mangrave, as Pakko’s biggest strengths lie in his utility.

Gigantic: Rampage Edition is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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