• The shield is a new and innovative addition to the God of War franchise, offering players the ability to equip different shields and shield ronds for varied gameplay experiences.
  • Different shield ronds have unique perks and abilities that can greatly impact combat, such as causing elemental storms, firing Valkyrie shards, and triggering high stun explosions.
  • The Rond of Restoration is particularly useful for players struggling to maintain their health, as it grants a chance to gain defense and restore health with shield strikes.

One of the newest, most innovative additions to the God of War franchise was that of the shield. This shield was not only a gift from Kratos’ departed wife, Faye, but was also a great addition to his new arsenal. Not only can players equip different shields in God of War: Ragnarok, but they can also equip entirely different shield ronds.

These shield ronds are greatly effective for changing the pacing of God of War: Ragnarok‘s intense combat. Kratos’ new arsenal of the classic Blades of Chaos and the Leviathan Axe makes for a more interesting experience in the Norse Mythology continuation of Kratos’ story in God of War, especially when paired with the best shield ronds in the game.

Updated on December 23, 2023 by Jake Fillery: God of War Ragnarok has celebrated its one-year anniversary, and if players remember Kratos and Atreus’ journey through Ragnarok fondly, or they are starting it for the first time, they are probably going to want to keep the best shields in God of War Ragnarok in mind so that the Norse Pantheon sees Kratos as an even bigger threat than they initially thought. Even still, God of War Ragnarok Valhalla is a free roguelite DLC that allows players to select a variety of shield ronds, so which one is the best to help players survive the horrors of Fimbulwinter?

10 Rond Of Disruption

Location: Complete A Stag For All Seasons Favor In Vanaheim

god of war ragnarok shield rond of disruption

  • Elemental Storm Perk: Low LUCK chance to create an Elemental Storm when interrupting double BLUE ring attacks or Parrying.

There’s an element of power placed upon the player with the perk Elemental Storm. Players will have a low Luck chance to create an Elemental Storm, but only whilst interrupting double Blue ring attacks. These can only be countered through a double tap of L1. Players also have a chance to activate Elemental Storm through parrying.

The Rond of Disruption is fairly decent in God of War Ragnarok, as said Elemental Storm will cause further ailments and affliction to the enemies that are affected by its might. However, considering it is luck-based, players might not even get to see its results successfully.

9 Rond Of Obliteration

Location: Defeat Gna at The Crucible in Musphelheim

god of war ragnarok shield rond of obliteration

  • Shards of the Valkyrie Perk: Hold L1 for several seconds to charge the shield, then Press L1 + L3 to fire a volley of Valkyrie shards at enemies.

Obtaining this shield is an achievement unto itself, as players can only receive the shield after beating the Valkyrie Queen. It’s quite the challenge, but worth it for the reward.

This shield focuses on Strength, Defense, Runic, Cooldown, Vitality, and Luck, providing a bounty of bonus stats. The shield itself has the Shards of the Valkyrie perk, which allows players to fire a volley of Valkyrie shards at enemies if they hold L1 for several seconds to charge the shield, and then release with L1 + L3.

8 Rond Of Affliction

Location: Found in a Legendary Chest in The Barrens in Alfheim, Located Near The Canyons

god of war ragnarok shield rond of affliction

  • Strike of Affliction Perk: Shield Strikes against Status-Afflicted enemies consume the ailment, causing a damaging elemental explosion.

With the perk Strike of Affliction, players will be able to cause enemies to consume the ailment of their status-affliction, meaning that they will be dealt a powerful elemental explosion to further damage them.

However, this perk can only activate upon a shield strike, which is accessible through a double tap of L1. These enemies also need a status affliction, meaning they need to be struck with a certain amount of arrows or through Kratos’ violent weapons.

7 Rond Of Fortification

Location: Offer Crystalline Fragments at the Wishing Well at the Crater in Vanaheim

god of war ragnarok shield rond of fortification

  • Fortification Perk: Holding L1 for several seconds will trigger a high Stun explosion on the next successful Block or Double Tap L1 attack.

Defense seems to be a virtue in God of War: Ragnarok. The inclusion of the shield allows gamers to each play in their unique way. If players rely more on defensive tactics, then the Rond of Fortification is certainly a good shield to use, thanks to the Fortification perk.

This perk allows players to hold L1 for several seconds to trigger an explosion when they next block or double tap L1 for a shield attack. This explosion will Stun enemies. Players that constantly hold their shield up will be rewarded with this high Stun explosion, meaning they can effectively build Stun to Stun grab and eliminate their enemies.

6 Rond Of Absorption

Location: Craftable After Reaching Level 6

god of war ragnarok shield rond of absorption

  • Defender’s Momentum Perk: The Permafrost, Immolation, and Maelstrom skill gauges increase when Blocking or Parrying.

This shield rond focuses on Defense and Runic stats, and has the perk known as Defender’s Momentum. This perk grants bonus skill gauge to Permafrost, Immolation, and Maelstrom, as long as the player is blocking or parrying with the shield.

The Rond of Absorption is good because there’s always a great luxury and power with the skill gauge of the Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, and Draupnir Spear. It adds bonus damage to attacks, making defense important for the fence.

5 Rond of Restoration

Location: Found In a Legendary Chest in Vanaheim’s Abandoned Village (The Reckoning Mission)

god of war ragnarok shield rond of restoration

  • Restoring Shield Perk: On taking damage, Kratos has a LUCK chance to gain DEFENCE and for his next Shield Strike hit to restore Health. The chance increases with lower Health.

There are plenty of dire times in God of War: Ragnarok. With Kratos and Atreus facing off against the oncoming prophecy of Ragnarok, and against the might of Odin and Thor, it’s no wonder that the Rond of Restoration may be fairly important to some players.

Thanks to the perk Restoring Shield, players will have a Luck-based chance to gain Defense when he takes damage. Kratos will also have a chance to restore Health with the next Shield Strike that he does. The lower the player’s health, the higher the chance to heal. It can be beneficial to players struggling to keep their health up.

4 Rond Of Expedition

Location: Defeat Alva Inside The Temple of Light in Alfheim

god of war ragnarok shield rond of expedition

  • Riposte Refresh Perk: Grants a Blessing of COOLDOWN when interrupting double BLUE ring attacks or Parrying.

Players should use their runic attacks in God of War: Ragnarok as often as possible. These attacks deal incredible damage, and the only thing holding back Aesir’s demise is the fact that Kratos has runic Cooldowns. That will be less of an issue thanks to the perk Riposte Refresh.

Players will be granted a Blessing of Cooldown when they interrupt a double Blue ring attack by double tapping L1 for a shield strike or Parrying. This Blessing of Cooldown means that players will shorten the time required for their runic attacks, perhaps making the difference between life and death.

3 Rond Of Aggravation

Location: Obtained From a Chest Where Players Free the Lyngbakr’s Tail in Svartalfheim’s During The Weight of Chains Favor

god of war ragnarok shield rond of aggravation

  • Riposte Rage Burst Perk: High LUCK chance to grant a Rage Burst when Parrying.

With the Riposte Rage Burst perk built-in to this shield rond, players will have a High Luck chance to receive a Rage Burst when they pull off a parry. This grants more power to Kratos’ Spartan Rage, perfect for a fight against Thor.

Considering how important Spartan Rage can be for survival, the fact that players can build that up further through a well-timed parry is excellent. Spartan Rage can be used to deal damage or even just heal, changing the outcome of an otherwise defeated battle.

2 Rond of the Nine Realms

Location: Complete the Favor ‘For Vanaheim’

god of war ragnarok shield rond of the nine realms

  • Riposte Realm Shift Perk: Low LUCK chance to trigger a Realm Shift, temporarily slowing down surrounding enemies, when Parrying.

Realm Shifts are a great feature in God of War: Ragnarok. The ability to slow time can make Kratos a true threat to the battlefield, as he causes immense damage before the opponent can even blink. This is entirely possible, even with a low possibility, with the perk Riposte Realm Shift.

This perk for the Rond of the Nine Realms grants a low-Luck chance to trigger a Realm Shift. This will slow down the surrounding enemies for a brief while and can be achieved through parrying. Parrying may not be easy for the inexperienced, but it is something to invest in, as it helps to build stun. Paired with a Realm Shift, Kratos will become the god of parrying.

1 Rond Of Deflection

Location: Craft from Brok or Sindri for 3,000 Hacksilver

god of war ragnarok shield rond of deflection

  • Agile Deflection Perk: Increases the timing window on Parries.

There’s something innately rewarding in pulling off a perfect parry. It’s a great mechanic in video games, as it tests players’ pattern recognition and reflexes to the most precise degree. With the Rond of Deflection, the best shield in God of War: Ragnarok just got a lot better.

Thanks to the Rond of Deflection, players will be gifted with Agile Deflection, which will increase the timing window on Parries. This means that players will have an easier time deflecting more hits from enemies, thus making it one of the best shield ronds in God of War: Ragnarok.


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