As we’ve warned you, on April 8th, Google is turning off support for its once-excellent Google Nest Secure home security system. This means that, as of today, your Nest Secure will no longer connect to the internet, and you won’t be able to control it from the Nest app or receive notifications from the alarm system. It’s basically a paperweight (albeit one that can be recycled).

Google announced it was discontinuing Nest Secure in 2020, so you’ve had plenty of time to shop for an alternative. But if you’ve been putting off the giant pain of switching out a home security system until the last minute, that last minute is here. 

So, what are your options? When it announced it was killing Nest Secure, Google, a substantial investor in ADT, offered its users a free ADT Self Setup system (valued up to $485) or $200 credit in the Google Store. According to ADT, that free system offer is valid until May 7th, 2024, which is less than a month away.

The ADT Self Setup system was launched in March of 2023 and is ADT’s second DIY security system (the first was the shortlived ADT Blue). It has the option of professional monitoring through ADT, or you can monitor it yourself. It integrates with most Nest hardware (including the Nest battery doorbell, Nest Hub, and Nest Cams) and works with Google Home. But it’s far from a straight Nest Secure swap, and its integration with Google Home is largely the same as other third-party security systems offer (more on those in a bit).

ADT’s Wayne Thorsen tells me that the Self Setup system “is scalable and will continue to receive new software updates, enhancements, and benefits from the ADT/Google partnership.” So, we could see better integration with Google Home in the future.

However, there have been rumors of a new ADT Smart Home Security system from ADT / Google featuring first-party hardware developed with direct input from Google that includes many of the features we loved about Nest Secure.

While there has been no official announcement from Google or ADT, it appears a launch is imminent. Last year, The Verge published a slew of details about ADT Smart Home Security that were hidden on ADT’s site; earlier this year, a setup video surfaced, and even now, support pages for the new system are searchable on ADT’s site.

The question for Nest Secure users who haven’t already opted for ADT Self Setup is whether this new system will launch before the free offer expires on May 7th, less than a month away. Considering ADT probably has a bunch of its Self Setup systems to offload before it launches a new one, my guess is ADT Smart Home Security won’t arrive until after those vouchers expire, in which case you may want to consider non-ADT alternatives.

What is a good Nest Secure alternative that works with Google Home?

I’ve tested several DIY security systems, and if you want one you can control through Google Home and integrate with your Google devices, such as Nest cameras, thermostats, and smart home hubs, I recommend either Arlo or Abode.

Arlo’s Home Security System ($199.99) is probably the closest option to Nest Secure, offering sleek multifunctional sensors rather than lots of little white plastic boxes. Its door / window sensors double as motion sensors, like Secure’s Nest Detects did. But they don’t have the neat touch-to-disarm feature. However, they also work as leak, temperature, light, and tilt sensors, and listen for smoke and CO alarms. 

Image: Arlo

Arlo has announced it’s launching an NFC tag that can disarm the system, similar to how Secure’s tags used to work. You can control the Arlo security system through the Google Home app, but you can’t control Google devices through the Arlo app, and features like video verification for professional monitoring require Arlo’s cameras and don’t work with Nest cams. (The Arlo Secure package with professional monitoring costs $24.99 a month).

Abode is a more traditional DIY smart home security system with lots of options for single-purpose sensors such as motion, door / window, glass break, etc. But it can integrate with Z-Wave and Zigbee smart home sensors, lights, and locks alongside dozens of other smart home devices, making it a good choice for a more robust smart home setup. Pricing starts at $139.99, and Abode integrates well with Google Home, allowing you to control it from the Google Home app.

Google Nest products can be controlled from the Abode app, including live feeds from Nest cameras. You can also set up automations that do things like arm the system when your Nest Thermostat switches to Away. However, you need to pay for an Abode plan to run these, which starts at $7 a month and goes up to $23 a month (for the option with professional monitoring).

For those who are done with Google entirely, I’m a big fan of Ecobee’s new security system. It has much of the same simplicity as Nest Secure, with multifunctional door / window sensors that double as occupancy sensors. The system, which starts at $269.99 and includes an Ecobee thermostat, can be controlled from a keypad built into the thermostat. It can also integrate with Ecobee’s indoor camera and doorbell camera. It costs just $10 a month for professional motoring, which is a very good price. But there’s no Google Home support.

While there still isn’t a direct swap for Google’s Nest Secure system out there, there are some good options for a simple, easy-to-use alternative that works with Google Home. And while whatever Google and ADT are working on might be a worthy successor to Secure, it seems that won’t be here in time to help those Nest Secure users whose ADT offer expires next month.


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