Google could be adding a feature very similar to Apple’s Emergency SOS feature to the Pixel 9 and the next Pixel Fold. That’s according to leaker Kamila Wojciechowska, who writes for Android Authority that the company would partner with T-Mobile to offer the feature but may add other providers later.

Just like Apple’s system, Google’s SOS feature would reportedly present future Pixel owners with a series of questions to ascertain what’s happening, rather than let users thumb one out. A video in the Android Authority article features the animation Google will display to users to help them get the phone aligned with a satellite.

According to Wojciechowska, these are some of the questions the feature will ask:

T-Mobile announced it was teaming up with SpaceX for a satellite messaging service well over a year ago but didn’t specify pricing — and as of January, it was still in testing. Last year, a developer spotted some Google Messages code that suggested the feature was on its way with Garmin as the provider. Garmin offers such a service for its InReach 2-way messaging devices using the Iridium satellite network, which Iridium says can reach “anywhere on earth.”

Still, whether it’s offered by T-Mobile or Garmin, the feature wouldn’t necessarily be free — for instance, Garmin’s costs $15 per month to start. Then again, Apple subsidizes its service for now, so maybe Google will, too.


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