• GTA 6 is highly anticipated and set to be the biggest release of 2025, generating immense excitement from eager fans.
  • Hollow Knight: Silksong, an indie sequel, has the potential to rival GTA 6’s excitement if it releases in the same year.
  • Both games being released in 2025 could make it a monumental year for gaming, with GTA 6 and Silksong being the biggest titles facing off against each other.

It goes without saying that Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to be the biggest release of 2025. The hype is already palpable, which has been proven with the reaction to GTA 6‘s record-breaking trailer, but there is still one game currently in development that has a chance at generating just as much excitement from eager fans. There have been a few highly anticipated games that are currently in development without any clear signs of a release date, and one sought after sequel is at the top of that list.

Although the specific release date for GTA 6 is still a mystery, fans at least have the comfort of knowing the game is set to launch sometime next year in 2025. This may seem like a grueling wait, but there are many games that have no official release in sight, at least to the public. When it comes to waiting a long time for a game’s release, or any substantial update in general, Hollow Knight: Silksong is one of the most notorious.


Every Animal Confirmed for Grand Theft Auto 6 So Far

Based on GTA 6’s trailer, the game is set to hold a diverse amount of wildlife that gives fans a glimpse into its immersive environment.

2025 Could Be a Huge Year For Games

As of right now, GTA 6 will be the Goliath of 2025, but there is also the possibility that Silksong could finally be released in the same year. After failing to meet its early 2023 target, Silksong‘s developer, Team Cherry, has kept the game’s development under wraps, and if the anticipated sequel doesn’t finally release this year, 2025 could see GTA 6 and Silksong go head-to-head.

Indie Title vs AAA Juggernaut

When it comes to developers, Rockstar is clearly far bigger than Team Cherry’s three-person team, but this shouldn’t deter the indie studio from releasing in 2025 if Silksong has to spend another year in the oven. Hollow Knight fans have recently received small updates on Silksong, but there is still no end in sight for the game’s development. It’s clear that Team Cherry is focusing on making Silksong a worthy successor to Hollow Knight, so it would not be surprising if it were to be released in 2025.

The prospect of a major AAA title like GTA 6 releasing the same year as an indie game like Silksong would be incredibly exciting, and it would show just how much influence both games have despite being from vastly different studios. The extensive development for Silksong mirrors the decade-long wait for GTA 6, meaning the excitement for Silksong‘s release could be on par with Rockstar’s long-running franchise.

Hype for Hollow Knight: Silksong’s launch is building every day, and this could match the energy of GTA 6’s excitement.

Excitement From All Sides

If both games are released in the same year, the gaming world will be absolutely buzzing. When it comes to great years for gaming, 2023 was one of the best, but the release of both Silksong and GTA 6 in one year could rival it, just in a different way. Where 2023 was a great year for gaming because there were so many great options to choose from, 2025 could be a monumental year if GTA 6 and Silksong happen to be the biggest releases going up against each other. There will, of course, be other titles to choose from in that year, but seeing GTA 6 and Silksong facing off as the biggest titles of 2025 could be wild.

Rockstar and Team Cherry have kept the development of these games very secretive. Despite the size difference of the developers, both studios have proven themselves to be two sides of the same coin when it comes to the careful development of their respective titles, and although the long wait Silksong has been frustrating, fans must remember how small Team Cherry is. Ultimately, the lengthy development time paves the way for the indie title to be a solid contender against GTA 6, and that’s an exciting thought.


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