• Grounded’s Fully Yoked update brings New Game+, new ant queens, molar additions, and gameplay enhancements to the miniature world.
  • Players can unlock a Secret Door by defeating tough foes like the Javamatic, Brood Mother, and Wasp Queen in the update coming on April 16.
  • Obsidian Entertainment is launching a physical release of Grounded: Fully Yoked Edition, ensuring content parity across all platforms.

Obsidian Entertainment has unveiled details about the upcoming Grounded Fully Yoked update, packed with new features and surprises. The update represents Grounded‘s final major content release, aiming to enhance players’ experiences as they further explore the miniature wilderness.

Grounded is a survival adventure game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, where players are shrunk to the size of insects and must navigate a vast backyard environment teeming with dangers and mysteries. Set in a large backyard space, players must scavenge for resources, build shelter, craft tools and weapons, and fend off various insects and other threats to survive. The game emphasizes cooperation in multiplayer mode or can be played solo, immersing players in a perilous miniature world.


If Grounded Gets a Sequel, It Needs to Take Place in Australia

There is plenty of potential in a sequel to Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded, and Australia is the perfect setting to get down to size with.

Set to arrive on April 16 across Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, and Xbox Game Pass, Grounded Fully Yoked update promises a wealth of new features. The details were revealed by the Obsidian Entertainment team at PAX East in Boston. Among the highlights of the update are the introduction of a New Game+ mode, allowing players to embark on a fresh adventure with added challenges and rewards. Additionally, players can look forward to encountering new ant queens, including fire, red, and black variants, as well as infused bugs that pose unique threats. The Fully Yoked update also brings a host of gameplay improvements, such as the ability to upgrade gear beyond level 9, new mutations to enhance player abilities, and exciting weapon variants to diversify combat strategies in Grounded‘s microscopic world.

A particularly intriguing addition is the Secret Door mechanic, where players must defeat formidable foes like the Javamatic, Brood Mother, Mantis, and Wasp Queen to unlock a hidden passage. Furthermore, the update introduces new molars, achievements, and various quality-of-life enhancements to provide a more polished gameplay experience in Grounded‘s mundane open-world environment.

In conjunction with the Fully Yoked update, Obsidian Entertainment is also launching a physical release of Grounded: Fully Yoked Edition, available on Xbox, Switch, and PS5. This edition includes an exclusive Collector’s Edition featuring an art book, miniatures, a dice set, and other collectibles for fans to enjoy.

Grounded‘s upcoming ports for PlayStation and Switch promise parity in content with the original game, ensuring equal access to features across all platforms, which is particularly bolstered by the inclusion of crossplay. However, the Switch port may experience some compromises in graphics and frame rate, as hinted by the trailer, although it’s hoped that it won’t succumb to the pitfalls seen in other Switch ports. As the game prepares to receive its final major update, fans can anticipate diving deeper into the world of Grounded.

Grounded Fully Yoked Update Content Revealed

  • New Game+
  • Fire, red, and black Ant Queens.
  • Infused bugs.
  • New molars.
  • New achievements.
  • Ability to upgrade gear past level 9.
  • New mutations.
  • New weapon variants.
  • Secret Door: beat the Javamatic, Brood Mother, Mantis and Wasp Queen to open a secret door. What’s behind the door?
  • Final (large) update to Grounded
  • And more.
  • Coming April 16 to Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4/5 and Xbox Game Pass.


September 27, 2022

Xbox Game Studios
Survival Horror , RPG

Online Co-Op , Cross-play


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