• GTA Online players want new housing options like mansions and finishing the Mile High Club construction in a final update.
  • Fans also hope for new heists, accessible interiors for restaurants, and a Michael-centric DLC to continue his story.
  • Despite GTA 6 on the horizon, players are optimistic about ongoing updates to GTA Online until the game’s eventual farewell.

With GTA 6 now on the horizon, Grand Theft Auto Online players are sharing what they want to see from the game in a final update. While the online component of GTA 5 has given players plenty to do and enjoy over the years, there’s still plenty of opportunities to expand GTA Online further and to resolve some unfinished business.

At the moment, it’s not known what will happen to GTA Online once GTA 6 releases. Given the time and money many players have invested into GTA Online, a full server shutdown would be something many players wouldn’t be happy about. However, porting over characters directly to an online version of GTA 6 also seems unlikely. The far future of the online component is unknown for now, but many fans are still hoping for some additions to come to the title in the meantime.


Why Rockstar Taking it Slow With GTA Online in Grand Theft Auto 6 May Be The Right Move

GTA Online has grown to become one of the biggest online games around, but GTA 6’s version of the mode should avoid getting ahead of itself.

Sharing their thoughts on Reddit, user AnimeGokuSolos started a discussion of what players are most interested in seeing come to the game in a final update. A common request, including one made by AnimeGokuSolos, was the addition of new housing in the form of mansions. While players have plenty of houses and apartments to choose from, online players have never had the ability to show off their opulence with a mansion akin to the one owned by Michael in GTA 5‘s story mode.

GTA Online Players’ Final Update Wishlist

  • New Housing Mansions
  • New Heists
  • Bringing Back Michael, Trevor, and Franklin
  • Finishing the Downtown Mile High Building Construction
  • Adding Accessible Interiors to Restaurants

Some players asked for a new heist as well as the ability to walk into restaurants and diners the way they could in older games. Another frequent request was the completion of the city’s Mile High Club. The skyscraper has been in an in-progress construction state, since the game’s launch, and adding a Michael-centric DLC that continues his story past GTA 5. This demand has only intensified since Franklin returned for The Contract DLC. One player in particular mused at the idea of a heist being set in the completed building, with the three story mode protagonists returning as a final tribute to the game as as whole.

GTA Online continues to add new updates to the game, with some being more popular than others. Although fans are going to have to say goodbye to this form of the game eventually, many seem hopeful that the game will continue on for the forseeable future. In any case, with GTA 6‘s launch window not arriving until 2025, there’s still time for GTA Online to release some additional content to tide fans by.

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October 1, 2013

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