The best characters in any Halo work tend to be teams of Spartans. Three or four super soldiers wearing a planet’s GDP in weapons and armor can win a war, but they do more than fight. Spartans aren’t known for their sparkling conversation skills or towering personalities, but they become brothers and sisters in arms on the battlefield. Halo features several iconic squadrons, but the ongoing show brought the world the Silver Team.

Halo came under fire from fans incensed by the substantial changes in canon between the show and the games. The series occurs in the “Silver Timeline,” which only exists in its narrative. The original Halo canon comprises all the games and novels. Fans bristled at the idea of developing new material when there was so much to adapt, but the Silver Timeline allows for endless surprises.


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Who is Silver Team?

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Silver Team is the elite Spartan-II group that carries out military missions for the Asymmetric Warfare Research Group under the United Nations Space Command. The Spartan-II program features several small groups, but Silver Team is their mightiest and most iconic. They operate out of the White Tower, a massive base on Reach. Its leader is Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. John is the hero of the franchise, but he’s also the most famous Spartan in the show’s continuity. He appears in marketing materials, and strangers recognize him on sight. John is the leader but also the team’s rifleman and primary assault operative. His guidance became erratic when he removed his emotional regulator, but Silver Team respects him as their rightful commanding officer. Everyone knows all they need to about the Master Chief, but his teammates are new recruits to the franchise. Who are the other members of Silver Team?


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Lieutenant Junior Grade Vannak-134 is the sub-leader and second assault operative of Silver Team. He’s the de facto deputy under the Master Chief. He wears a customized set of the EOD-class Mjolnir armor. His weapon of choice is the M392 DMR. Vannak is bold, cocky, and proud. He’s likely the loudest member of Silver Team and its most prominent personality. He brags regularly, mocks his coworkers’ failures, and sees himself above all but the mightiest of his fellow Spartans. During the time skip between Halo seasons one and two, Vannak removed his emotional regulator. While the elective self-surgery led to substantial changes for most, Vannak remains a strong-hearted braggart. He briefly mentions his newfound fondness for nature shows, demonstrating growth in his hobbies, if nothing else.


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Lieutenant Junior Grade Riz-028 is Silver Team’s communications specialist. She’s more technically savvy than her colleagues. That skill set is reflected in her armor. Riz wears the Mark VI Mjolnir set with a unique helmet, the Mark IV/S or “Samuel.” Her gear comes with an upgraded suite of sensory tools Riz co-developed after closely studying Covenant seeker programs. Riz’s work on and off the field consistently improves reconnaissance and surveillance technology. She’s first seen dual-wielding M6G magnum pistols. During the first season finale, Riz suffered a blast from a plasma grenade, which left her with several near-fatal wounds. Her brutal journey toward recovery has been the most compelling narrative beat in season two so far.


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Petty Officer First Class Kai-125 is Silver Team’s sniper. She arms herself with the standard-issue SRS99-AM sniper rifle but also enjoys the Covenant Type-33 needler. Her Mark IV/b Bertha helmet enjoys visual upgrades, targeting interlinks, and “smartshot” technology to help her carry out her duty. Kai is the second member of Silver Team to remove her emotional regulator. She discretely observes John cutting out the device, encouraging her to do the same. She becomes more competitive, compassionate, and playful. She experiences more visible changes after removing her regulator than John. Kai is arguably the heart of the team, though that means little before their surgeries.

What is Silver Team based on?

Blue Team

Silver Team is new to the Halo universe. The showrunners took the characters, names, and details from internal documents from 343 Industries. Their Spartan concepts became Silver Team. Master Chief routinely works with a group called Blue Team in the books and games, but they are currently absent from the show. Silver Team has much in common with Blue Team, which also features four members and the same gender breakdown. The Silver Timeline allows the writers to create new characters in Master Chief’s orbit.

Silver Team has consistently been one of the most engaging parts of the Halo series. With few character choices, each member has gradually gained attention and interest. As Halo enters season 2, the connection between John, Vannak, Riz, and Kai could be one of the most integral elements of the series. Silver Team might not come from the books or games, but they have the potential to shine beyond their debut.


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