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  • Triple Nihility Acheron Team

Acheron is one of the most unique characters in Honkai: Star Rail so far in terms of both gameplay and presentation. Instead of inflicting debuffs like everyone else in the Path of Nihility, she inflicts direct damage that gets much stronger once the right conditions are met.


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Despite her absurd in-lore combat prowess, Acheron’s overall effectiveness still hinges on what team players put her in. Her peculiar playstyle makes Acheron a little confusing to use, but she isn’t as complicated as one might think. If you’re not sure who to pair this Galaxy Ranger up with, here’s a quick guide going over two of her best teams in Honkai: Star Rail.

Hypercarry Acheron Team

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  • Acheron
  • Pela
  • Bronya
  • Sustain Unit

Pela is arguably the best support character for Acheron since the latter relies on dealing damage with her attacks, rather than DoTs. Unlike the majority of HSR’s other Nihility characters, Acheron works more like a Hunt or Destruction character in terms of how she scales her damage. Specifically, she benefits more from getting CRIT buffs for herself and DEF Reduction debuffs on her enemies.

Bronya synergizes extremely well with Acheron thanks to her ability to shift turn orders. Plus, Bronya’s Ultimate gives Acheron some much-needed bonus CRIT DMG. Round the team off with a sustain unit of choice — Fu Xuan is a good candidate since she provides extra CRIT Rate. She’ll be even more valuable if she has Trend of the Universal Market equipped, as Burn and other DoT effects count as debuffs. If you don’t have her, Gepard or Fire Trailblazer make for great alternatives as Freeze and Taunt also count as debuffs.

Triple Nihility Acheron Team

Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Version 2.1 Charater Selector

  • Acheron
  • Pela
  • Guinaifen/Welt
  • Sustain Unit

This is an offshoot of the previous team comp that swaps Bronya for a third Nihility unit, and for most players, this will be their standard Acheron team composition. Acheron benefits greatly from teammates who can inflict debuffs because her Ultimate requires stacks of Slashed Dream instead of Energy. These stacks are applied whenever anyone on the team applies some form of debuff onto an enemy. Also, having two Nihility characters on the team means Acheron’s Basic ATK, Skill, and Ultimate will deal 160% damage thanks to one of her Ascension passives. Otherwise, she’ll only deal 115% damage if the party has only one Nihility character.

If you want Acheron to deal even more damage, then having Guinaifen in the team is the way to go; her Firekiss debuff increases the damage taken by targets. If you want to spam Acheron’s Ultimate instead, then someone like Welt is the better pick. He can constantly inflict Slow and Imprison — both count as debuffs that stack Slashed Dream, and they prevent enemies from taking their turns, giving Acheron more opportunities to get stacks of her Ultimate.

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