• House Strong’s prominence in the lead-up to the Dance of Dragons is highlighted in House of the Dragon’s first season.
  • Lord Lyonel Strong served faithfully as Hand of the King with high morals, similar to Ned Stark.
  • The Velaryon boys, secretly Strongs, play important roles in the upcoming civil war, with Jacaerys as a capable future ruler.

By the events of Game of Thrones and the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, House Strong was no more, with only a few members of the Golden Company who might be distant descendants. In Season 1 of House of the Dragon, however, three members of House Strong played significant roles in the lead-up to the Dance of the Dragons.


House Of The Dragon: Every Unclaimed Dragon So Far

There are still several dragons left up for grabs in HBO’s House of the Dragon, threatening to tip the balance in the upcoming civil war.

By the start of the series, House Strong had ruled the cursed fortress of Harrenhal for over 40 years, and after Otto Hightower was relieved of his duties as Hand of the King, the erstwhile Master of Laws, Lord Lyonel Strong, took his position, elevating the prominence of his entire family. Furthermore, due to Ser Harwin Strong’s affair with Princess Rhaenyra, three boys do not have the Strong family name, but they almost certainly are of his blood.

Lord Lyonel Strong

Lord Of Harrenhal & Hand Of The King

lyonel strong from house of the dragon

  • Played by Gavin Spokes
  • Appeared in 6 episodes

It is rare for a member of the Small Council to serve with such loyalty and a lack of self-interest, but that is exactly what Lord Lyonel Strong did. The head of House Strong even went on to serve as the Hand of the King just as faithfully, with a dying King Viserys acknowledging his efforts on his deathbed.

Lord Lyonel proved himself to be capable, especially with an ailing king on the throne, and he was also a man of high morals, in some ways similar to the future Ned Stark, though perhaps with a bit more guile. His two sons, Harwin and Larys, would also go on to play important roles in the lead-up to civil war, but both in very different ways.

Ser Harwin Strong, Breakbones

Eldest Son & Heir Of Lord Lyonel Strong & Lord Commander Of The City Watch

Ser Harwin Strong in House of the Dragon.

  • Played by Ryan Corr
  • Appeared in 4 episodes

Although Ser Harwin Strong did not feature that prominently in House of the Dragon, there would be huge consequences for the three illegitimate sons he left behind. In life, he was a famous knight with the nickname of Breakbones for apparently being the strongest man alive. He also proved himself fiercely loyal to those he loved and was also known to protect the weak.


The Richest Houses In House Of The Dragon

The great Houses of Westeros possess significant wealth to back up their power plays. These families are the richest in House of the Dragon.

The eldest son and heir of Lord Lyonel, Harwin went on to become Lord Commander of the Goldcloaks in King’s Landing, and during this time he also became the long-term lover of Rhaenyra Targaryen. The three sons she bore him would have the Velaryon name of their legal father, but most people were capable of suspecting the truth. As the heir to Rhaenyra, the eldest son Jacaerys is the heir to Westeros, at least in the eyes of the faction known as the Blacks.

Second Son Of Lyonel Strong & Subsequent Lord Of Harrenhal

Ser Larys Strong In House Of The Dragon

  • Played by Matthew Needham
  • Appeared in 7 episodes

Larys Strong is easily the most interesting member of House Strong, despite being the second son. Known as the Clubfoot due to a birth defect, Larys learns the power of simply listening and quickly shows an instinct for intrigue. However, coupled with his lack of regard for life, even that of his kin, Larys proves himself to be highly dangerous and even surprises his own supposed ally, Queen Alicent.

Unlike his virtuous father, Larys is self-serving and will do anything to gain more influence from the shadows. For this reason, fans have compared Larys Strong with Game of Thrones characters such as Littlefinger and Ramsay Snow.

Jacaerys Velaryon

Eldest Son & Heir Of Laenor Velaryon & Rhaenyra Targaryen, But The Biological Son Of Harwin Strong

Jacaerys Velaryon in House of the Dragon.

  • Played by Harry Collett
  • Appeared in 5 episodes

Although he is technically not a member of House Strong, Prince Jacaerys Velaryon nonetheless has Strong blood running through his veins, as his biological father is Ser Harwin Strong. While many suspect this to be true, including Jace himself, the truth would never be acknowledged as it would mean relinquishing his claim on the Iron Throne.

Although even by the end of the first season of House of the Dragon, Jacaerys was barely out of childhood, he was already proving himself to be a more than capable future ruler. He has a keen sense of duty, intelligence, and the desire to learn, as well as a kind nature that can stiffen when the hour calls. In these ways, he can be seen to take after both of his fathers.

Lucerys Velaryon

Second Son Of Laenor Velaryon & Rhaenyra Targaryen, But The Biological Son Of Harwin Strong

lucerys velaryon

  • Played by Elliot Grihault
  • Appeared in 4 episodes

Lucerys Velaryon is the second of Rhaenyra’s three boys, all of whom were sired by Harwin Strong, although legally their father is Laenor Velaryon. Thus, Luke, as he is often referred to by his family, has both the Targaryen blood surging through his veins, which allows him to ride dragons, as well as the genes of a famously strong knight.


Saddest Deaths In House Of The Dragon

As a prequel to Game of Thrones, it’s no surprise that House of the Dragon features some truly heartbreaking deaths.

However, this is sadly not enough and a tragic fate would eventually await the young prince, with not even his dragon Arrax able to save him from the vengeance of Aemond Targaryen.

Joffrey Velaryon

Third Son Of Laenor Velaryon & Rhaenyra Targaryen, But The Biological Son Of Harwin Strong

Joffrey Velaryon House Of The Dragon

  • Played by Oscar Eskinazi
  • Appeared in 4 episodes

Prince Joffrey Velaryon is the youngest of the Velaryon boys who are secretly Strongs, and the moment of his birth marked the beginning of one of the first season’s biggest time jumps. As with Rhaenyra’s other two sons, the baby Joffrey was born with the markedly dark hair of his biological father, a detail that did not escape most onlookers.

While most fans will naturally associate his name with one of the most vile Game of Thrones characters, Joffrey Velaryon is in fact named for the deceased lover of his legal father, Ser Joffrey Lonmouth. As he is merely a child, fans have not seen much of the young prince yet, although his time will come.

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