Since Roblox: Type Soul is based on the anime Bleach, players can join one of three factions, each of which has unique skills, activities, and progression methods. And if you decide to become a Shinigami, you should know how to get Bankai in Type Soul.

Bankai is the final form of the Shinigami sword or Zanpakuto and is certainly quite difficult to achieve. But the new attacks and abilities you’ll gain are worth all the effort.


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Type Soul: How to Get Bankai

Type Soul characters

To earn Bankai, you will have to work quite hard. While this is quite a time-consuming process, you can cope with it if you follow our advice. So, to get Bankai in Type Soul, you have to complete several challenges in the correct order:

  • Step One – Progress until you get Shikai, the first upgrade to your Zanpakuto.
  • Step Two – Complete one of three challenges, namely 13 Raids, 7 Clan Wars, or achieve 26 Ranked wins.
  • Step Three – You must kill the Jindabo or Bawabawa boss, 80 Hollows, and grip 15 Elite.

The third step is the most difficult, as you need to complete it without dying. If you die, you have to start this step from the beginning. It’s also important to note that the game won’t directly tell you how close you are to getting Bankai in Type Soul. Instead, you need to visit V, the NPC in Karakura Town.


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V can be found in one of the large barns and, depending on your progress, his lines will be different:

  • You will never become anything compared to what I am. – 0%
  • A couple of kills won’t get you anywhere. Stop bothering me. – 20%
  • Why do you keep coming back? You’re still pathetic. – 40%
  • Maybe you’re not so bad after all. But I’m still not impressed. – 60%
  • You’re quite unbelievable; do you know that? – 80%
  • Unequaled. Unrivaled. Go make me proud, lil bro. – 100%

All Bankai Types in Type Soul

When you finally fulfill all the conditions, you have only one step left before receiving Bankai in Type Soul, namely defeating your Bankai. It is similar to the Shikai fight, but it’s much more difficult, so you’ll want to be prepared. After defeating this boss, players will receive their Bankai, which also differs in types:

  • Ink (Legendary)
  • Blood (Legendary)
  • Ice (Legendary)
  • Flame (Rare)
  • Confusion (Common)
  • Berserk (Common)
  • Wind (Common)
  • Creation (Common)
  • Water (Common)
  • Shadow (Common)
  • Lightning (Common)

That’s all you need to know about how to get Bankai in Type Soul. With its help, you can achieve the final power of Shinigami.

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