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Reaching Perfection in Stardew Valley means completing 100% of the game’s content. If players are able to achieve this, the game will unlock several end-game bonuses. You shouldn’t confuse “Perfection” for the Statue of Perfection that Grandpa may award you at the end of your second year. Instead, Perfection is part of the Stardew Valley 1.5 update that added Ginger Island and the Beach Farm. You can see how far along you are by checking the Perfection Tracker statue in Qi’s Walnut Room on Ginger Island. You can only access this room after obtaining 100 Golden Walnuts.

Updated March 26, 2024 by Mohsen Baqery: Stardew Valley 1.6 brought about significant changes to traditions in Pelican Town. Among these changes, one of the most notable is the introduction of a new alternative for achieving Perfection: Waivers. By obtaining these special contracts, players can manipulate the game and gain an additional 1% toward their Perfection progress. With this in mind, we’ve revised this guide to incorporate a section on purchasing Perfection from Fizz, the newly introduced secret merchant of Ginger Island.


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What Does It Take to Achieve Perfection?

stardew valley fall

First, there are a few obvious tasks.

Also, players need to reach maximum friendship levels with every villager. This includes Kent, who only appears in Year 2, the Dwarf in the Mines, Krobus in the Sewer, Sandy in Calico Desert, and Leo on Ginger Island.

Next on the list are some more obscure objectives. First, you must find and eat all seven Stardrops. Here’s how to find them:

  • Reach floor 100 in the Mines.
  • Buy one for 2,000 star points at the Stardew Valley Fair on Fall 16.
  • Marry a villager and reach 12.5 hearts with them. You can also get this Stardrop by marrying another player in multiplayer.
  • Krobus sells a Stardrop for 20,000g.
  • The Old Master Cannoli statue in the Secret Woods has one.
  • Willy gives you one in the mail after you catch every fish.
  • One is the final reward for donating all 95 items to the Museum.

Next, you must craft one of each Obelisk: an Earth Obelisk, a Water Obelisk, a Desert Obelisk, and an Island Obelisk. You can use the Obelisks to warp around town, but they aren’t easy to craft. Each one costs 500,000 or 1 million gold to build, along with several Iridium Bars and other rare components. You also need to complete the “Dark Talisman” and “Goblin Problem” quests to access the Obelisk build menu, and you must complete the Community Center or Joja Warehouse quests to unlock “Dark Talisman.”

Finally, players must build and place a Gold Clock on the farm. Like the Obelisks, you can build one by interacting with the Wizard’s magic book in his tower. It costs a whopping 10 million gold to build but keeps debris from appearing on the farm over time.


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How to Buy Perfection

the new merchant fizz in stardew valley 1.6.

  • Location: Mushroom Cave, Ginger Island
  • Merchant: Fizz (Joja Special Services Division)
  • Price: 500,000g per one percent

In v1.6, you can pay an NPC to fill the Perfection bar. To buy Perfection Waivers, beat the game on Joja’s path and wait for Fizz’s letter. He asks to meet in the Mushroom Cave on Ginger Island. Upon rendezvousing, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase 1% Perfection from him for 500,000g.

Buying all Waivers (100% Perfection) from Fizz costs 50,000,000g. However, Fizz offers a discount of 500,000g for each percentage of Perfection you have already cultivated. For example, if you’re at 11% Perfection, the price reduces to 44,500,000g.

Perfection Waivers are a Joja-exclusive perk. If you’ve chosen to restore the Community Center, you won’t have access to this secret merchant. Additionally, this option includes a hidden cutscene at the Summit, where the player encounters Morris and engages in a completely new set of dialogues.

Acquiring Perfection Waivers doesn’t influence any other aspects of the game besides unlocking a new endgame cutscene. You’ll still attain the Perfection Achievement, and all other advantages will remain consistent with those of other Perfectionist players who’ve completed the game naturally. Essentially, this serves as a quality-of-life enhancement for players who prefer to address challenges through financial means.

Others can see that you have purchased Perfection Waivers. Within your profile’s stats, the Perfection percentage will be displayed alongside the number of Waivers you’ve obtained. For instance, if you’ve purchased 7 Waivers, your stats will indicate 93% (+ seven Waivers).

What Do You Get for Achieving Perfection?

Stardew Valley Perfection Flock

On the day after you achieve Perfection, two notifications appear after you wake up. The first one says “Grandpa is beaming with pride,” and the second one says “A rumbling sound was heard in the distance…” Then, as soon as you step outside, a flock of Ginger Island parrots will fly overhead.

Stardew Valley Perfection Summit

The rumbling sound refers to the giant stone behind the railroad track, which should now be gone. You can now head up the path to the Summit, where your spouse (if you have one) is waiting for you. After a few words, you get to watch a special credits sequence that features every villager, animal, and monster in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Perfection Statue

Next, head back to Qi’s Walnut Room and interact with the Perfection Tracker one last time to get the Statue of True Perfection. This statue is similar to Grandpa’s Statue of Perfection, but the Statue of True Perfection generates one Prismatic Shard per day instead of several Iridium Ores.

Stardew Valley Perfection Hat

After that, head up to the Volcano Forge. One of the lava monkeys has swum up to the path. Interact with it to get the ??? hat, which resembles ConcernedApe’s avatar in the startup credits.

Stardew Valley Perfection Shrine

The most subtle bonus you get from perfection is on Grandpa’s Shrine, which now features a Stardrop carving.


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Stardew Valley Perfection Egg

The most practical bonus is the addition of Golden Eggs and Golden Chickens to the game. Once you complete the Perfection Tracker, you can find Golden Eggs through four methods:

  • Marnie sells them at 100,000g per egg.
  • Qi sells them in the Walnut room for 100 Qi Gems.
  • Instead of a regular Witch event, a Golden Witch event can trigger and leave behind a Golden Egg.
  • Golden Eggs sometimes appear as random loot in Fishing treasure chests.

However you get one, you can incubate a Golden Egg like normal to get a Golden Chicken. Mature Golden Chickens produce a Golden Egg every day, and these eggs sell for 500 to 1,000g depending on their quality. You can also convert them into three jars of gold-quality mayonnaise, which sell for a total of 855g without any profession bonuses. This means Artisans should convert every Golden Egg to Mayonnaise, and everyone else should convert everything but iridium-quality Golden Eggs into mayo.

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