• Sukuna’s role as the sole villain in Jujutsu Kaisen is elevated after Kenjaku’s death, and he is now engaged in a final fight against key characters.
  • The series is known for its willingness to kill off main characters, demonstrated by the deaths of Nanami and Nobara, among others.
  • The strong possibility of Yuji’s death is hinted at in the series, and his ultimate demise may come at the hands of the powerful and relentless Sukuna.

Jujutsu Kaisen is going incredibly strong at the moment and fans are extremely excited for the climax of the Culling Game arc. Currently, Sukuna is at the forefront of things from the villains’ side as he is now the sole villain of the series, thanks to Kenjaku having passed away.


Jujutsu Kaisen: Gege Confirms Kenjaku’s Death

Kenjaku’s death will heavily impact the JJK story.

Now, Sukuna is likely fighting his final fight against the likes of Yuta, Rika, and Yuji. While this fight is bound to be incredibly exciting, fans know that it is one that could very well end up going in the favor of Sukuna, after all. JJK has never been a series to shy away from killing off the characters, even if they are the main characters and, of course, Yuji is one that could potentially end up dying as well.

The Many Deaths In JJK

Satoru gojo death jujutsu kaisen 244

Fans already know Jujutsu Kaisen to be a series that is never scared to kill off its main characters. In fact, fans have seen quite a lot of incredible characters who were loved all over the world falling victim to the author’s cruel writing. From the very beginning of the series, some incredible characters died, such as the likes of Junpei, who some immediately got attached to. While he was only a side character, some of the main supporting characters of the story ended up falling as well as the series progressed. The likes of Nanami ended up dying in the Shibuya arc, and in the same arc, one of the biggest shocks was delivered to the fans when Nobara, who was one of the main trio members of JJK, ended up dying as well.

When Nobara died, it was clear for the fans to see that nobody in the series is safe. In fact, the author himself once commented on the fact that he could potentially end up killing his main characters as well, and this ended up proving true even more when the Culling Game began. In this arc, many other characters met their end as well, and, by far, the biggest shock of them all was the death of Gojo. Gojo, who was unsealed in the Culling Game arc, ended up falling victim to Sukuna after a long and hard battle. Unfortunately, Gojo could not defeat him and ended up dying in the process. From there almost, many other characters met their deaths as well, such as Kashimo and Higuruma. Now, Yuji is at the center of things and it appears that he might as well end up dying too.

Yuji’s Hinted Death


While sometimes might assume that since Yuji is the main character he won’t end up dying in the series, they couldn’t be more wrong. Of course, Yuji being the main character does mean that his chances of dying are lower than some other characters, who, by default, have lesser importance in the story, it doesn’t protect him from death. In any other series, perhaps, Yuji would have been safe, due to his main character status, however, that’s not how Jujutsu Kaisen works. Yuji is a character that could very well end up dying and there have already been hints about this in the series.


Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji Itadori Awakens Reverse Cursed Technique

Yuji’s reverse cursed technique shows in his fight against Sukuna in JJK.

In fact, Yuji’s entire character arc revolves around the fact that he wants to help as many people as he possibly can before he ends up dying. This essentially does open up a pathway for Yuji to die. As long as he helps many characters and then dies, he’d then be an individual who succeeded in fulfilling his goals. There is already a basis for Yuji to die in JJK, however, the only thing that fans need clarity on is how he will die, in case he does. By far, the most likely death scenario for Yuji would be if he manages to help all those around him and save countless lives. In the process, he would end up giving up his own life and dying a hero’s death. This would be a perfect ending for a character such as him, as he is one who doesn’t fear death and, at the same time, he’s also an individual who wants to save as many people as he possibly can.

The Threat Of Sukuna

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When speaking of Yuji’s death, one might wonder as to what could potentially kill him. The answer to this question isn’t all that hard. Sukuna, the King of Curses, who is the strongest individual in JJK and the person who’s currently engaged in fighting with Yuji, is likely going to be the person who kills him.

Fans know Sukuna to be incredibly powerful. He is the strongest sorcerer in history and has reached the pinnacle of jujutsu sorcery. Sukuna possesses such strength that even Gojo was not able to best him in combat. Now, Yuji is taking him on, however, it is already clear for the fans to see that he is nowhere near his level.

Sukuna himself commented on the difference in strength between the two and the gulf is absolutely massive. However, Sukuna also acknowledged the fact that Yuji has an indomitable spirit that helps him get back up every time he falls. This indomitable spirit will help him go a long way, however, in the end, if he were to fall, it will most certainly be at the hands of Sukuna. Currently, Sukuna’s very goal is to crush Yuji’s will, and, in the process, kill him. Yuji will progress by leaps and bounds in this fight against Sukuna and will surely impress the fans quite a lot, however, the possibility of his death should still remain.

The Old Ending Of JJK

Yuji Itadori fighting

Taking all things into consideration, fans shouldn’t be surprised to know that Yuji could potentially end up dying at the end of the Culling Game arc, especially if he ends up playing a part in defeating Sukuna. If all this isn’t enough to convince the fans of the possibility of Yuji’s death, then, perhaps, fans should consider the fact that long ago, when JJK was in its beginning face, the series could potentially have been axed from Shonen Jump. At that time, the author decided to keep Yuji dead after his heart was ripped out by Sukuna, and, later on, deliver a quick conclusion to the side characters to end the series. Furthermore, the author has also stated that he doesn’t care who he ends up killing off as long as it helps make the story interesting. All things indicate the fact that no character in JJK is safe, not even the main character, Yuji Itadori.

Of course, there is absolutely no guarantee that Yuji will die, however, fans always keep this possibility in the back of their heads. There is a chance for Yuji to die in JJK and it could very well end up happening soon, as the series edges closer to its end.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 249, is set to be February 4, 2024.

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