Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a historical action role-playing game set in Bohemia in 1403. The player takes on the role of Henry, the son of the town’s blacksmith and the last remaining survivor of his family after an attack from Cuman mercenaries leaves his village in shambles. As players progress through the story’s engaging plotlines and leveling system, Kingdom Come: Deliverance introduces a skill system designed to improve Henry’s statistics and grant additional perks to different playing styles.


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Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 will feature an even more reactive system than the first game, including crime responses and reactions from Henry.

As players continue leveling up, more perks and skills will become available. As perk points are limited, players sometimes have to choose between dozens of available skills, which will be helpful with solidifying the style players wish to embrace. From picking locks and getting away with thievery to becoming Bohemia’s greatest warrior and defensive stalwart, this guide will cover some of the best available perks, what bonuses they grant the player, and why they’re suitable for the long-term lifestyle in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

10 Mule I, II, III

Strength Stat

The Mule perk series will grant players additional weight capacity for carrying items, which fulfills a need for long adventures in the wilderness and storing necessary items that are essential for survival. Over time, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will allow players to store valuable items which can be sold to merchants for profit, and build up funds to save for better weapons and armor sets. This will give Henry some extra storage to pack ingredients, which can help with creating potions.

Over time, Henry will become famished and see his health and stamina diminish if his lack of nutrition is ignored. Being able to carry an additional 15 to 25 pounds of cargo will provide just enough space for some extra food and supplies, which will help Henry outlast the conditions and his own starvation.

9 Perfect Throw

Agility Stat

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Perfect Throw perk

Many of the available Agility-based perks will offer players the ability to strike faster and move quickly, but all of them come with a caveat. For example, Fast Striker will boost a player’s ability to land a blow 30% faster than usual, but will deal less damage and have lower odds of injuring the opponent. Perfect Throw, on the other hand, doesn’t come with any downside, and gives Henry a better chance at rolling a winning hand while playing dice – or Farkle – in Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s gambling game with the city’s risk-taker.


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The deeper Henry ventures into the world, the greater his need for wealth will come into play. Players can build wealth by selling valuable items to merchants or haggling a price down as much as possible to conserve their funds. If Henry has a better chance at beating the gambler in Farkle, he’ll make out with filled pockets and the funds to last him for a long while — or just long enough to purchase an upgrade in weaponry or armor.

8 Berserk

Vitality Stat

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Berserk perk

Life in Bohemia can be tough, especially with Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s difficult battle system and unusual controls. Players may find it hard to control Henry’s attacks and struggle to focus on the direction in which each swing will go, but mastering this ability early on will benefit the player’s long-term success. Having the right perk equipped for combat will go a long way, and Berserk is perfectly suited for those who struggle.

Berserk is unique in the sense that it rewards players with a boost if they begin to struggle during a fight and have their health drop to an dangerously low level. Once Henry’s health drops to a minimum level, he will enter Berserk mode, which will regenerate his stamina at four times the rate he normally could. This aids his ability to strike faster with three- or four-hit combos, or flee the battlefield at a faster rate, surviving to fight another day.

7 Trustworthy Middleman

Speech Stat

Kingdom Come Deliverance Trustworthy Middleman perk

Skilled thieves can sneak into lodgings undetected and find food and other items not meant to be taken, but what Henry can actually do with them is quite limited. Items that are sold come with an asterisk next to them in the inventory list, indicating that the item is a stolen good. As word spreads around the town that certain items have gone missing, some merchants may notice the stolen goods in Henry’s inventory if he chooses to sell them for profit.

The Trustworthy Middleman perk helps with avoiding any suspicion, as merchants will be more willing to turn a blind eye to anything stolen being sold to them. This will help players who wish to turn Henry into Bohemia’s greatest thief, as stealing valuable items and selling them for wealth is an excellent and quick way to build up funds for future use.

6 Firm Grip

Defence Combat Stat

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Firm Grip perk

A good offense is a strong defense, an area players shouldn’t neglect when building Henry up for battle. While hacking and slashing may seem like the quickest way to earn a victory, Kingdom Come: Deliverance challenges players with a more strategic system where blocking and dodging are vital for survival. Equipping a perk along with mastering these skills will be the difference between life and death, and Firm Grip is a wonderful skill to possess in this regard.

Not only does it unlock at Player Level 4, which grants Henry a sturdy defensive skill early in the campaign, but its bonus will have players continuing to use it in the later stages of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Once players master the art of blocking, each instance will deplete the enemy’s stamina by 15%. A string of successful blocks will have opponents stepping back to catch their breath, leaving them open for a counterattack.

5 Against All Odds

Warfare Combat Stat

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Against All Odds perk

War can be brutal and unfair, especially when the opposing side has the numbers to overpower Henry and his troops. Having to fend off multiple enemies at once will be an obstacle players must overcome as early as one of the first missions in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Players will have to flee Bohemia while chased Cuman mercenaries, and if they’re not careful, they may run into four mercenaries. Against All Odds will help turn the tables and give Henry a better chance at outlasting the group.


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This perk grants Henry a 20% boost to his Strength, Agility, Warfare, and Defense stats, which goes a long way to taking down two or more enemies in a single fight. The additional bonus in these categories will have Henry landing heavier blows, recovering his stamina more quickly, and surviving counterattacks with proper dodging and blocks. Paired with some of the game’s more defensive perks, it will give Henry the ability to frustrate multiple enemy troops and take them down one by one.

4 Routine I, II

Alchemy Skill

Practice makes perfect is a lesson that can be applied to many aspects of life. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, making sure Henry has the necessary items to keep his health from falling too low is something players should keep in mind when choosing which perks to apply. Routine I and II, when combined, give Henry the ability to auto-brew potions and triple the amount he makes each time the command is entered.

Potions are a convenient item to bring along on lengthy missions and quests, as they allow Henry to keep his health at a reasonable level without having to backtrack for rest. Unfortunately, Routine II won’t activate until Routine I is unlocked, because it is dependent on the auto-brew mechanic. Once players equip both to Henry, he’ll have no trouble whipping up multiple potions at a time, so long as he has the proper ingredients.

3 Leg Day

Herbalism Skill

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Leg Day perk

The life of a gardener can be tedious, and seeking out herbs is a burden many players won’t be too excited about. Not only is tracking these herbs down a chore in its own right, but collecting enough to make a variety of different items is very time-consuming, to say the least. Thankfully, with the Leg Day perk equipped, Henry will benefit from spending long hours in the field as he builds up his herbalism skills.

Leg Day works in conjunction with each herb picked, as it also builds Henry’s strength. A higher herbalism skill allows Henry to pick up herbs quicker, meaning the time spent in this area of the game is a great way to add experience to Henry’s strength without having to focus on other tasks like fighting or exchanging. It’s a quality-of-life addition in an action-RPG that otherwise focuses on a brutal life of war and death.

2 Steak Tartare

Hunting Skill

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Steak Tartare perk

As part of the survival portion of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, players will need to keep an eye out for Henry’s nourishment levels. If he’s eaten too much, Henry will earn the gluttony tag, and his ability to regain stamina will be much slower than usual. Going too long without food will deplete his health, leading to a death by starvation. As players continue to roam the world, food scarcity will become a real threat, leaving Henry with very few options.

Raw foods can lead to poisoning, which will lower Henry’s health quickly and lead to his death if not treated quickly enough. The Steak Tartare perk will negate this unfortunate side effect, as it allows Henry to eat raw foods with no consequences. This makes the hunting elements of Kingdom Come: Deliverance much more tolerable, as players won’t have to worry about cooking and storing their food for later use. Simply hunt down an animal and feast away, a perfect resolution for quick nourishment.

1 Racehorse

Horsemanship Skill

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Racehorse perk

One of the many aspects of Kingdom Come: Deliverance that players will want to invest sufficient time in is horse riding, as it will allow players to get across the map quickly while avoiding mobs of attackers. Learning the art of riding a horse is a necessity early on, as Henry will flee his mining village in the game’s first big mission, thanks to Cuman mercenaries storming the town and wiping out everyone in their wake.

The Racehorse perk may seem like a minor improvement at first glance, but its early-game use will come into play and help players get Henry out of dodge. Racehorse sacrifices cargo space and weight to improve the horse’s ability to run at faster speeds. This will come into play early on, as players won’t have too many items to carry around, which means the downside won’t hurt right away. Being able to escape sticky situations quickly will keep Henry out of danger and allow him to re-group and strategize a different approach, making it an essential early-game perk that continues to be useful throughout Henry’s journey.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
February 13, 2018

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