• Old characters, like thief Chris and knight Kyouya, play major roles in Konosuba Season 3, especially in the Kingdom of Belzerg.
  • New character Maxwell, a submissive Archdemon, will reveal his sinister side, impacting a key side character in the second half.
  • Meet Rain, the gentle Arch Wizard, and Claire, the proud knight, who are loyal retainers to the shy Princess Iris in the new season.

The third season of Konosuba is finally here. With a new season, comes new storylines, new adventures, new silly antics, and of course, new characters as well. From the bashful Goddess Eris to the Crimson Demon Princess YunYun, every character that has been introduced to the series thus far has been chaotic and fun. So fans have a lot of expectations for this round of new characters.


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Unfortunately, there are not many new characters introduced in this third season. There are only a handful of new characters that truly have an important role in the story. Old characters still have a large role in this season, especially in the second half of the series. With that in mind, here are some of the new characters to look out for in Konosuba Season 3.

5 Old Characters to Look Out For

Several Old Supporting Characters Make Their Grand Comebacks

Konosuba S3 Old Characters

Before we talk about the new people, let’s briefly discuss some familiar faces that will have huge roles in the story first. For the first half of Season 3, the charming thief Chris and the gallant knight Kyouya Mitsurugi will have important roles in the Kingdom of Belzerg. Chris will have a little thief excursion in the Belzerg capital, while Kyouya will be an important security detail to the Belzerg’s royal family.

For the second half of Season 3, the despicable yet sometimes hilarious noble named Lord Alderp Barnes Alexei will come up with all sorts of shenanigans that will disturb the peaceful life of our heroes. Another important figure is the chaotic Duke of Hell, Vanir. This time around, he will have an important role in helping our heroes solve the big issue that will appear later in the season.

4 Maxwell

The Enslaved Archdemon

Konosuba S3 Maxwell

The first new character is Maxwell, the Archdemon and one of the Duke of Hell, just like Vanir. Unlike Vanir, however, Maxwell appears meek and submissive. At least that is how he chooses to portray himself at first. When he finally gets what he wants, however, that is when he finally reveals his true sinister face.


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It’s hard to talk about Maxwell without drifting into spoiler territory. Just know that he will have a key role in the second half of season 3. Under the request of a supporting character, Maxwell will put a dangerous curse on another important side character. His action will force one of our heroes to make the biggest sacrifice in her life.

3 Rain

The Gentle Arch Wizard of the Kingdom of Belzerg

Konosuba S3 Rain

One of the new faces that will immediately grace the new season is Rain, the Arch Wizard of the Kingdom of Belzerg. She is one of the two loyal high-ranking officials who is always together with the princess of the Kingdom of Belzerg, Iris Stylish-Sword Belzerg.

Rain comes from a lowly noble family. She managed to climb the rank to become an Arch Wizard due to her skills and effort. Her gentle yet stern nature also helps her become one of Iris’ most trusted retainers. Apart from being the Kingdom’s Arch Wizard, Rain also teaches magic spells to Iris in their spare time.

2 Claire Field Symphonia

The Proud Knight of the Kingdom of Belzerg

Konosuba Season 3 Iris Knight

Along with Rain, Claire Field Symphonia is the other trusted retainer who always stands beside Iris. She is one of the most powerful knights that the Kingdom of Belzerg has to offer and has always bravely fought on the frontlines whenever a demon army approaches the capital.


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Claire comes from a high-ranking noble family called House Symphonia. She is well-respected in the kingdom and always appears prim and proper in front of other nobles and soldiers. But when it comes to Iris, she becomes impulsive, overprotective, and often overreacts. That’s why, unlike Rain, Claire is still willing to bend the rules in order to help Iris with her shenanigans.

1 Iris Stylish-Sword Belzerg

The Adorable Princess of the Kingdom of Belzerg

Konosuba Season 3 Iris

Iris Stylish-Sword Belzerg is the first princess of the Kingdom of Belzerg. As a member of the royal family, Iris always tries her best to appear confident and dignified. In truth, she is actually a shy girl who is filled with wonders and curiosities. In fact, the main reason why she invites Kazuma and his party to the capital is because she wants to hear Kazuma’s adventure stories.

There’s nothing else in this world that Iris wants other than to explore the world and play like a normal girl her age. However, despite her young age, Iris is well aware of her position and her responsibilities to her people. That’s why no matter how hard it might be, Iris will always be steadfast and face every challenge head-on.

Be it the invasion attempt of the Demon King’s army or petty criminals who disturb the people of the capital, Iris will do what she can to find the best solution for her people. That’s why those who are close to her, like Rain and Claire, are extremely loyal to Iris. That is also why Iris is loved by her people.


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