• LEGO Fortnite’s Sit and Talk feature allows players to interact in a unique and wholesome way, enhancing cooperative gameplay experiences.
  • The two minifig characters are able to sit together on a bench and strike up a conversation, complete with smiling, looking around, and gesturing.
  • While most in the community enjoys the Sit and Talk feature, some fans took the opportunity to lament about this certain level of detail not being applied to other parts of the game.

One LEGO Fortnite player shares a wholesome interaction they had after discovering a feature called Sit and Talk while playing cooperatively with a friend. Since the launch of LEGO Fortnite back in early December 2023, the game has continued to be a popular way for players to express themselves. Giving players a different way to experience the Fortnite universe, the LEGO experience offers survival-style gameplay complete with crafting, resource gathering, and ways to play cooperatively with others.

Part of the game’s success stems from the constant updating from Epic Games, through fixing issues as well as fleshing out the experience with new features and things to do. This past week, LEGO Fortnite‘s latest update added a way for players to build custom vehicles based on three added types: Speeder, Offroader, and Hauler. In addition, the update added new tools like a Wrench for assigning switches and thrusters, a Compost Bin for generating resources through recycling old or unwanted items, and an object known as the Illuminator for generating light in dark areas. Even with a growing number of features, LEGO Fortnite players are continually discovering new ways to play the game.


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One such discovery comes from notable Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, who has broken plenty of news over the years. However, in a new post over social media, the user instead offered a bit of insight after playing LEGO Fortnite with a frind of theirs, a game mode that iFireMonkey admits isn’t really something they do too often. However, in this case, they noticed that if another player is sitting on a bench, the option to “Sit and Talk” appears. This feature makes it so both LEGO Minifigs essentially look like they’re deep in conversation, having a pleasant chat, smiling, and gestering like people normally would in a situation like that.

The discovered interaction proved to be a big hit with the community, with many calling the whole interaction wholesome, and agreeing that it’s a very thoughtful inclusion. Some even took it a step further by imagining which two minifigs they’d put into this position, with the recently returned Fortnite villain Midas and Skye being high up on at least one player’s list. However, more than a few users took the opportunity to wish that this level of detail was also applied to other portions of the game, such as being able to easily flip vehicles or being able to play public sessions with random LEGO Fortnite players that aren’t on UEFN maps.

While fans are curious to see how LEGO Fortnite continues to grow and evolve through upcoming updates, one element which left the fanbase frustrated was with the recent addition of premade LEGO Builds inside of the in-game shop. These LEGO Kits let Fortnite players purchase themed sets to add to their world, though the pricing structure left most fans disappointed over the high costs. For example, the Beachside Boulevard Bundle and Durrr Burger Bundle each cost between $16 and $17, with a more expensive Lion Knights’ Castle Bundle pushing the price beyond what 2 battle passes would normally cost.


Lego Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite is a mode within Fortnite that draws inspiration from Minecraft. You’ll build structures, craft weapons, and upgrade your village to help you survive the monsters that come out at night.

December 7, 2023

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E10+ For Everyone 10+ Due To Fantasy Violence


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