Lightyear Frontier is a farming sim that promises to let players build the space farm of their dreams, and that includes a magnificent homestead to really make the place seem like home. The player’s homestead, be it the default tent or a large villa, always serves one function: it lets players instantly skip the night phase for the next day.


Lightyear Frontier: Best Upgrades To Prioritize

Players have a lot of options when it comes to upgrades in Lightyear Frontier. These examples are worth prioritizing early.

But that’s not the only thing a homestead is for. Resting there can also grant one or more coziness power-ups. Depending on how cozy the home is, the bonuses pile up until their maximum of three. Of course, in order to make one’s home more cozy, players must adorn the surrounding area with appropriate decorations.

How Does Coziness Work in Lightyear Frontier?

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Coziness can become quite an important part of Lightyear Frontier for some players, even if it’s one of the aspects of the game that can be completely ignored. In fact, none of the benefits granted by coziness are essential for completing the game, though they do make mining and farming significantly easier. Players inclined to engage with this mechanic will find that its benefits are well worth the effort.

Coziness in Lightyear Frontier is divided into four levels, each of which gives a new bonus. These are their effects, from lowest to highest level:

  • You have a chance to find additional resources in the wild.
  • Animals have a chance to dig up additional resources when fed.
  • Spike Saw strikes, and swings have a chance to deal additional damage.
  • Harvested crops have a chance to yield additional resources.

Those benefits are granted every time the player sleeps in a homestead that surpasses the prerequisites for a certain coziness level. Sleeping is only allowed at night and in the early morning hours. Players should note that reaching a new level doesn’t erase benefits granted by the previous one. This means that, for example, reaching level two will grant both a chance to find additional resources and greater bonuses from animals fed.

How to Improve Coziness in Lightyear Frontier

Selecting a decoration to build in Lightyear Frontier

There are two factors to improving the coziness level of a homestead: the decoration and the actual homestead building. The decorations supply the actual score. Meanwhile, a better homestead unlocks more power-ups. Granted, building a bigger home may unlock those bonuses, but they still have to be earned by building enough decorations.

As far as decorations go, the rule is simple: the more, the merrier. But even if a slop of similar decorations will do just as well as a pleasantly put-together backyard garden, there is no reason not to get creative, given the number of decorations available. And for those who want more options before they start decorating, the merchant sells blueprints for plenty of unique and original kinds of decorations.

One thing to keep in mind is that decorations aren’t just any old item or building. Instead, decorations can be found in the Build menu under the name “Decoration,” usually followed by a specifier like “Decorations – Furniture” or “Decorations – Lights.”

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Lightyear Frontier
March 19, 2024

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Amplifier Studios , Frame Break


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