The latest mainline entry in the Like a Dragon series (formerly the Yakuza series), Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, is purported to be the longest game in the franchise yet. It follows the events of the previous title, 2020’s Yakuza: Like a Dragon, that introduced Ichiban Kasuga and a turn-based, JRPG-like approach to the series’ traditionally brawler-like combat and gameplay.


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – All Arcade Games (& Where to Play Them)

There are several classic Sega arcade games to be played within Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, and this guide will help players find them.

But unlike most games in the franchise, Infinite Wealth not only brings players back to familiar locations in as much detail as ever, it also takes Kasuga and the crew outside of Japan – to Honolulu, Hawaii. Including series’ trademark slew of side quests and minigames, like a new Animal Crossing-like Island manager, Infinite Wealth just may be the longest, and largest, Yakuza game to date.

Average Time To Beat Infinite Wealth

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According to Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio head Masayoshi Yokayama, in an interview with Automaton Media, Infinite Wealth is the longest game in the series to date. Before this, the longest games would have been the predecessor Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Yakuza 5, which each took around 50 hours to complete on average.

If what Yokayama says is accurate, it should take players over 50 hours to beat Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. But in reviews for the game, it appears that some players are finishing it a bit faster. Kotaku’s review claims to have beaten the main story, and some side missions, in about 40 to 45 hours. Game Informer’s reviewer, on the other hand, took 60 hours to complete Infinite Wealth. At PC Gamer, the review says players will be “hard pressed to finish Infinite Wealth in under 60 hours.”


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – How to Unlock All Jobs (& How to Change Jobs)

There are nearly 30 different jobs in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth for players to unlock, but some Jobs are exclusive to specific characters.

It would appear that, on average, it will take most players around 60 hours to beat Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, then. But, if you are particularly good at the game, or skip through dialogue and side missions, that time can be cut down a lot. But half the fun of the Yakuza series (now Like a Dragon series) is in its side content, which will significantly add to the time to beat Infinite Wealth.

Completionist – How Long To 100% Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Completionist Time To Beat Ichiban Kasuga Nanba Adachi Party Members GRoup

As all versions of the game released at the same time (with different benefits), no one is quite sure how long it will take to 100% Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. But judging by the series’ penchant for elaborate side stories, full-fledged games posing as minigames, and plenty of things to collect and complete (like Suijimon), it’s going to take a lot, lot longer than 60 hours.

According to, the main story of Yakuza: Like a Dragon sits at about a 45 hour average completion time, but around 100 hours for the Completionist playstyle. If the main story of Infinite Wealth is indeed around 60 hours long on average, that’s a 25% increase from the last game, which could mean more than 125 hours to 100% Infinite Wealth.

However, Infinite Wealth completion time may be even higher than this. Not only does the game have an absolute onslaught of standard side missions and activities, it also introduces DonDoko Island – an Island Management sim not unlike Animal Crossing – as well as a series of unique miniquests called Unfinished Business, which are focused on Kiryu’s bucket list.

At the very least, players can likely expect to spend more than 120 hours with Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth to get every achievement and beat every side activity.

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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
January 26, 2024


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