Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth players will be introduced to Dondoko Island in Chapter 6. After a series of odd events, Kasuga ends up on the island that used to be a famous resort. Players will be tasked with the job of restoring the place to its former glory, which is not an easy task by any means.

They will have to reach a resort rank of 5 stars to complete the side story. After helping out the people on the island a little, they will give Kasuga a place of his own to express their gratitude. It may not be the most luxurious place, but players can improve it and make it look better. This guide will cover how players can expand their house in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.


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How To Expand Your House In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

First, players need to progress through the story until they meet Kenzo. He is one of the most important characters on Dondoko Island, as he is responsible for building lodgings, which are used to house guests on Dondoko Island. Players can also go to Kenzo to upgrade their tools, but be wary as they cost a lot of Dokobucks.

Once you have unlocked Kenzo, your next job is to craft several DIY recipes from the bench. Do not create big structures; focus on the smaller ones that offer a decent satisfaction boost. After you have crafted enough, head inside Kasuga’s house and start placing the items in the big room. By putting the items in the house, Kasuga’s livability goes up. After players manage to increase their livability above 500, all they need to do is exit the house, after which a cutscene will start to play.

Like a Dragon - Infinite Wealth - How To Expand Your House Dondoko Island

Kenzo will speak to Kasuga and tell him that it is possible to upgrade the house. Next, you need to go and talk to Kenzo. The first upgrade will cost 100,000 Dokobucks, which is not a small sum by any means. For the next upgrade, players will need to spend 1,500,000 Dokobucks. It is not absolutely necessary to buy this upgrade, especially in the early stages of the adventure.

Like a Dragon - Infinite Wealth - How To Expand Your House Dondoko Island Guide

Players can skip this expansion until they have increased their resort rank to four or five. Once players have purchased the final extension, they won’t be able to expand their house, but they can renovate it. Kenzo will offer to change the colors for a sum of 300,000 Dokobucks.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
January 26, 2024


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