By increasing the resort rank on Dondoko Island, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth players can earn a great deal of money.

Dondoko Island is a side activity that Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth players will unlock in Chapter 6. Dondoko Island is a good way to keep things interesting and spend some time away from fighting enemies all the time. Dondoko Island offers an escape from combat and offers a great opportunity to earn a lot of money.

Even though it is meant to be a place of recreation, players can actually complete missions and earn rewards. One of the biggest challenges that they will face on the island will be increasing the rank of the resort. Players wanting to raise the level of the resort can consult this guide.


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All Dondoko Resort Rank Requirements

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth How To Raise Resort Rank On Dondoko Island

To complete the activity, players will have to increase the resort rank all the way to five. Each rank has a set of specific requirements that you have to meet.


Resort Rank


Resort Rank 1

  • Satisfaction Level: 1000
  • Popularity Level: 700
  • Clear out the entrance
  • Clear out the great tree

Resort Rank 2

  • Satisfaction Level: 5000
  • Popularity Level: 2000
  • Clear the hill
  • Clear the lighthouse

Resort Rank 3

  • Satisfaction Level: 15000
  • Popularity Level: 4500
  • Clear out the fields
  • Win a battle on the lake

Resort Rank 4

  • Satisfaction Level: 28000
  • Popularity Level: 8000
  • Clear the cave
  • Clear the forest

Resort Rank 5

  • Satisfaction Level: 43000
  • Popularity Level: 13000
  • Defeat the Washbucklers

How To Raise Resort Rank Quickly In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth How To Increase Resort Rank On Dondoko Island

It is quite clear that the main focus is on satisfaction and popularity. In order to increase satisfaction, players will have to craft new items and place them on the island. All you need to do is go to the DIY bench and make an item. Crafting requires resources, which can be found by destroying junk piles, trees, and rocks. As you craft more and more items, your building talent will go up. This will unlock new DIY crafting recipes.

Players can raise the popularity of the resort by catching different plant and animal species. Eventually, you will be able to run ads to increase popularity. Some items from the crafting bench also add to the overall popularity, so make sure to place them whenever you have free space.

These items are marked with “Popularity Up.” So, keep an eye out while crafting different items.

Finally, players can clear out different areas by using Dokobucks. In order to reduce the amount, you can clear out junk piles every day. If you follow all these steps, Dondoko Island’s resort rank will go up quickly, and you will earn all the trophies associated with the island.

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