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Like a Dragon: Infinite Dragon has more than ten chapters, and each one is filled with glorious storytelling and challenges. The chapters are quite extensive, but fans can keep themselves entertained with different minigames and fun substories.

One of the coolest places that players will visit in Infinite Wealth is Dondoko Island. It is a side activity that isn’t available until players complete a certain number of chapters. In this guide, players will learn how to unlock Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – All Substories

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has a total of 52 substories. Here is how players complete all of them.

How To Unlock Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Players will need to complete the first five chapters of the story and then start the sixth chapter, “Puppet on a String.” Ichiban Kasuga and the rest of the party members will start to work on a project to lure out Akane. They decide on a plan, in which Kasuga acts as the bait. After the completion of the task, everyone except Kasuga will leave.

The next step is to head towards the beach until a cutscene is triggered, in which Kasuga will confront a few ruffians trying to harm a turtle. After dealing with the enemies, a strange green-looking creature appears, scaring the living daylights out of Kasuga. The hero will faint and then wake up on an unknown island.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - Unlock Dondoko island

Not long after coming to his senses, Kasuga begins to explore and learn that he is on Dondoko Island. It used to be a great resort, but due to various factors, its popularity began to decline.

It will become clear that the island has more than just one problem. But the reasons aren’t enough to stop Kasuga from picking up his bat and starting to clear the trash. Shortly after you begin to clean Dondoko Island, a few enemies will pop up whom you have to defeat.

What To Do On Dondoko Island In Infinite Wealth

The main goal is to raise the overall popularity of Dondoko Island and restore it to its former glory. To achieve this, players will have to complete different tasks. The process will take time, but players can complete it at their leisure.

Players will be introduced to DIY recipes. They can be used to craft different items, which can be utilized to decorate Dondoko Island, helping to increase its popularity.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Unlock Dondoko Island

To craft new recipes, players will need to find ingredients. This will require them to hit different sources, such as trees and rocks. You will also learn how to place the crafted items in different areas. The island also has its own currency, called Dokobucks.

You cannot use yen or dollars to purchase things on the island. So, try to gather as many Dokobucks as possible. Players can earn Dokobucks by completing tasks and selling excess items.

​​​​​​After spending enough time on Dondoko Island, players can leave and come back at any time. So, there is no rush to do all the tasks in one go.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
January 26, 2024


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