Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth not only has a large number of Substories but also has Memoirs that are related to Kiryu during his stay in Ijincho and Kamurocho. Similar to substories, there are quite a few Memoirs, and all of them act in the same way as a substory. However, these can only be triggered by Kiryu.

These Memoirs increase Kiryu’s awakening by increasing the three different Stats. Different characters from previous Yakuza games also interact with Kiryu during these Memories in order to show us a different side of Kazama Kiryu.


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Memories of Hamako Quest Walkthrough

Memories of Hamako in Infinite Wealth

Memories of Hamako, also known as A Guilty Conscience, is the 38th Memoir of a Dragon. It is available in Chapter 8 in Ijincho when playing as Kiryu. The Memoir is located on Sunrise Street near the Can Quest Taxi Stand after Saeko joins the party.

In this Memoir, Hamako, who is the owner of a restaurant that is technically a shelter for foreign workers, invites Kiryu for tea so that she can talk to him for a bit. She tells Kiryu about how she sent away some of her workers to the Ryo Aoki shelter in the thought that they would get better care, but they were arrested or deported. She then asks whether Ichiban said anything about her in Hawaii. Here, you will get your first choice; there is no right answer here, as this choice will only affect your Stats.

Choice #1

Stat Increase

He might have said it doesn’t matter.

Soul +30

Sorry, first time I’m hearing this.

Body +30

Maybe he did, but I don’t recall.

Tech +30

After that, Kiryu mentions his reason for being in Japan and that he is trying to tie up all loose ends. Here, you will get the second choice.

Choice #2

Stat Increase

Getting closure is for the better.

Body + 30

You ought to live and let live.

Tech +30

No one lives without regrets.

Soul +30

After the conversation is over, the Memoir will finish granting Kiryu a few rewards.


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Quest Rewards

Memories of Hamako Information in Infinite Wealth

Completing this Memoir of a Dragon will grant +70 for Kiryu’s Body Stat. So, in total, you can get +60 for the Stats of your choice and +70 for Body, which increases his overall Stat level. Hamako will also be added as a Guest on Dondoko Island.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
January 26, 2024


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