Ichiban Kasuga has about as varied a resume as one can get, minus all the work he did as a Yakuza – he spent time in Yakuza: Like a Dragon as a kind of on-site security guard for Hamako, had a brief stint working for Nonomiya, and even worked his way up to President of Ichiban Holdings. The one thing he has a lack of experience in is Food Service.


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – How to Unlock All Jobs (& How to Change Jobs)

There are nearly 30 different jobs in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth for players to unlock, but some Jobs are exclusive to specific characters.

In Infinite Wealth, Ichiban can pick up the job of being a Waiter in a struggling restaurant in Honolulu. Like a real waiter, players must take down customers’ orders and relay them to the kitchen, and successfully bring orders out, to complete this substory. Follow this guide to the ‘Wait For Me’ substory to learn the correct orders & guest greetings needed to complete the quest.

Where To Start The Waiter Substory in Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Wait For Me Substory Waiter Side Quest Location Map Honolulu

To start the ‘Wait For Me’ substory in Infinite Wealth, you have to have at least reached the point in Chapter 3 that Ichiban and the gang can travel freely in a relatively large area of Honolulu. Head to the northmost border of the explorable area in Chapter 3, and look on your map for a white dialogue symbol where the river turns southwest.

The symbol should appear on the corner of Sakura Street and Momo Street. From Kiryu’s Hotel, head north, then turn left at the main road, then right at Momo Street to get there in about a minute flat.

Walk up to the shop on the corner called Tropical, and go up to the door to begin the Waiter side story in Infinite Wealth.

Wait For Me Substory Walkthrough

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Wait For Me Substory Waiter Side Quest Walkthrough Ichiban Kasuga

Step One: Correct Greetings For Guests

When the quest begins, the owner of Tropical is lamenting the fact that a promising new hire didn’t show up. But, Ichiban looks just like the missing employee – if he looks the part, he might as well play it. Ichiban will don a store apron, and be instructed to welcome guests to the restaurant. The trouble is, each guest requires a different approach.


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  • The first guest seems to be in a cheerful mood when Ichiban greets her, and requires a Friendly greeting. Raise the greeting meter to about mid-way to perform the proper greeting.
  • The second guest that will show up is an Elegant Customer, who requires a gentle greeting. Don’t change the level of greeting at all to remain Refined with your welcome.
  • The last guest is a family with two kids, and one of them seems particularly hyped up. Match the kid’s energy by raising the greeting meter to its maximum.

After greeting each customer, Ichiban will take their order. Either take down the orders with a physical pen and paper (or the notepad on your computer), or move onto the next step, which covers the serving portion of this substoryand provides the exact answers. Choosing to write down notes in real life makes Infinite Wealth substory much easier.

Step Two: Serving The Correct Orders To Guests

After taking every customer’s order, head back to the kitchen to relay them to the Man In A Chef Hat. Ichiban must correctly remember which guest ordered which dish.

  • The customer in a cheerful mood ordered Ahi Poke and Three Haupias (she changes her mind a few times).
  • The Customer in Black (who Ichiban does not initially greet) ordered an Acai Bowl and Lau Lau
  • The Elegant Customer ordered a Mahi Mahi

Ichiban will also be asked to identify two dishes for the family. The first is a Lau Lau, which should be the option on the right. The second is a Kalua Pig, which isn’t on the menu – by process of elimination, the center option is the correct choice here.


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Step Three: What Is The Chef’s Name?

After correctly identifying each dish, and bringing them out to their respective tables, this substory will be nearly complete. As it turns out, the father of the family is a culinary reporter, and wants to meet the chef. Ichiban has to then correctly remember the Chef’s name.

The Man In A Chef Hat identifies himself as Obispo right before Ichiban heads out to greet the customers. You don’t have to get it perfect to succeed, if you get the Chef’s name wrong, the substory won’t fail but he will have a special dialogue correcting Ichiban’s mistake.

Wait For Me Substory Rewards

With that, players will have completed this substory and receive rewards in the form of an Employee Meal, an Epicurean Epithet, and a total of $300. The Employee Meal grants a huge amount of HP and MP back, while the Epicurean Epithet will increase a character’s Job Rank as a Chef.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
January 26, 2024

M For Mature 17+ Due To Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Simulated Gambling, Strong Language


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