Dondoko Island is sprawling with lifeless precious resources like seashells, mushrooms, and materials required for crafting amenities, as well as animated beings like insects, flies, and fishes, that can fetch a big price at the vendor. Although the spawn rate and regional density of these resources may vary, there are some designated areas for each resource if players want to get the most consistent drops.

The guide will shed light on the best regions to farm for all major resources, including materials for crafting and creatures for selling. So, ready Ichiban’s hero bat as players will be expected to smash and grab through piles of junk to collect these resources.


Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth – How To Earn Dokobucks Fast

Here’s how players can earn Dokobucks fast in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Things To Do Before Gathering Resources

Upgrading Tools in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Before Ichiban can go on the hunt for resources, players need to get a few things upgraded to make it an easy time for them. These include upgrades for Ichiban’s bat, harpoon, and bug net, ideally to the max limit as these will increase the speed of use for the tools, making every catch a much less cumbersome affair. For the bat especially, the Striking Sweep’s initial startup can be sped up quite a lot with the final upgrade that costs 300,000 Dokobucks but is well worth the investment for smashing heaps of junk and gathering resources fast.

Moreover, a number of exclusive furnishings can be purchased from Matayoshi to improve the resource drop rate significantly from the collection point and the Recycling Area. These can range from nonburnable waste dump to increasing the yield of plastic and metal to the installation of a stoneworking area to increase the drop rate of Stone resource. Installing such items will take effect from the day after they have been installed and will greatly increase the quantity of resources obtained.

Lastly, as pointed out by the in-game help, players should make sure Ichiban has a good night’s sleep in order to improve the drop rate of resources the next day when he smashes trash piles to collect the materials. Hence, players should head to Kasuga’s House as soon as the first warning of nightfall appears for them when exploring Dondoko Island for resources.

Cloth, Plastic And Iron

Trash in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

These are the most common types of resources to be found on Dondoko Island, and they will often be found clumped up together. Any piece of junk that appears as it’s pictured above is probably going to award players with Cloth, Plastic, and Iron resources. Needless to say, the piles of trash for these resources are abundant throughout Dondoko Island. Moreover, a generous amount can be obtained from the Recycling Center before players start their day to gather resources.

Wood And Stone

Trees and Rocks in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Similar to the above entry, Wood and Stone are not hard resources to mine as they will be prevalent in multiple regions around the island. Naturally, for Wood players need to cut down trees, and for Stone, players need to smash rocks into bits using their upgraded bat. Some of the areas where they may find these resources consistently, apart from the regions that need to be cleared of enemies, are the shores of Gachapin Beach and Mukku Beach, as well as the edges of areas like Fields, Cave, Hills, and Lighthouse.


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Glass And Semiconductor

Golden Trash in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

These are not as common as the aforementioned resources so players will need to wait until at least reaching resort rank of two stars so they can get access to Dondoko Farms. By doing so, they can navigate to Love ‘n’ Peace Beach, just by the raft they use to enter Dondoko Farm, to find many piles of golden trash and rubber tires that drop glass bottles and semiconductors specifically. Moreover, players can also use the nearby stairs to head up to Dondoko Farm Plaza to find even more piles of trash ready to be smashed into smithereens for these resources.


Bugs in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Similar to Glass and Semiconductors, insects can be found in small measures, scattered throughout the island but are most abundant on Dondoko Farm. Specifically, flying bugs like butterflies and moths can be found on the shore of Love ‘n’ Peace Beach. During the daytime, butterflies are more common, while in the nighttime, dragonflies and fireflies appear more often on the shore. For the colorful crawling and hopping insects, players can navigate to Dondoko Farm Plaza or the far east area near the Training Spot on Dondoko Farm. For another place that has a reliable collection of insects, the Lake region is the answer!


Raw Platinum Ore in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

These include the valuable ores, mushrooms, and seashells that can be sold to Matayoshi for a good price. Apart from being present on the shores of Gachapin Beach and Mukku Beach, these are prevalent in the Lake region that players can spend money on to clear after reaching a certain level of building talent. Be sure to come here and check daily to find exotic ores and shrooms.


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Fishing in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

There are a number of water bodies throughout Dondoko Island for fishing. These locations will become accessible gradually as players reach a higher resort rank and clear out more areas of enemies and trash piles. By upgrading the harpoon to a decently high level, players can be more precise with catching fish, or they can just swim and press the dive button over the silhouette of the fish to catch it. Some prominent fishing spots are near the Lake by Gachapin Beach, Dondoko Farm, and Mukku Beach.

Agricultural Produce

Agricultural Produce in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

The crux of gathering vegetables, fruits, and nuts is farming them on Crop Patches on Dondoko Farm. Here, Sujimon can be assigned to farm crops. The yield of the produce depends on how closely the type of Sujimon aligns with the type of crop being grown. Moreover, Sujimon which are ranked higher in stats and friendship level will likely produce a higher yield of agricultural products that they were assigned to. Once again, installing the relevant Gardening Kits from Matayoshi will increase the yield from Dondoko Farm. The other sources of gathering agricultural produce are exploring the Lake or purchasing it directly from Matayoshi.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
January 26, 2024

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