Marvel Snap has a vast collection of over 200 cards, each with its own unique rarity level. Among them, a select few are classified as “Ultra Rare,” indicating that they can only be obtained through a combination of luck and dozens of hours of playtime. In this guide, dedicated Marvel Snap fans will discover what makes these cards exceptional. They will also find a comprehensive list of the current uncommon characters in the game. Moreover, valuable tips will be provided to assist players in acquiring these special cards as quickly as possible.

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Marvel Snap’s Card Rarity Explained

venom, knull, and death in marvel snap.

The rarity of a card is determined by its Pool or Series. The higher the Series number, the rarer the card becomes. Currently, the game features five Pools from which players pull new cards. Consequently, cards from Pool Five are rarer than those from Pool Four, Three, Two, and One.

Players should note that rarity is not a fixed status for Marvel Snap cards. Due to Series Drops, each Pool Five and Pool Four card will eventually go down to the lower Series and become common. However, this rule does not apply to the Big Bad cards, the ones that are always in the highest Series.

List of Ultra Rare Cards

the alioth card in marvel snap.

In the current metagame, there are 25 Ultra Rare (Series 5) cards in the game:

  • Alioth (6-Cost, 3-Power)
  • Black Knight (1-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Daken (3-Cost, 4-Power)
  • Echo (1-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Galactus (6-Cost, 5-Power)
  • Ghost-Spider (1-Cost, 2-Power)
  • High Evolutionary (4-Cost, 4-Power)
  • Hit-Money (3-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Howard the Duck (1-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Iron Lad (4-Cost, 6-Power)
  • Jean Grey (3-Cost, 3-Power)
  • Jeff the Baby Land Shark (2-Cost, 3-Power)
  • Kang the Conqueror (5-Cost, 0-Power)
  • Kitty Pryde (1-Cost, 0-Power)
  • Lady Deathstrike (5-Cost, 4-Power)
  • Loki (4-Cost, 5-Power)
  • Nico Minoru (1-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Nebula (1-Cost, 1-Power)
  • Silk (2-Cost, 5-Power)
  • Silver Samurai (4-Cost, 5-Power)
  • Thanos (6-Cost, 10-Power)
  • The Living Tribunal (6-Cost, 9-Power)
  • The Pheonix Force (4-Cost, 5-Power)
  • X-23 (1-Cost, 2-Power)
  • Werewolf By Night (3-Cost, 3-Power)

How to Acquire Rare Cards

image showing july and august spotlight cache cards in marvel snap.

There are two methods to obtain Series 5 rare cards in Marvel Snap. Players can either open Spotlight Caches or purchase them from the Token Shop.

Spotlight Caches become available every 150 Levels on the Collection Level Road, starting from Level 500. On the other hand, the Token Shop occasionally offers Series 5 cards at a cost of 6,000 Tokens.

marvel snap key art poster

Marvel SNAP

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