• Tekxit offers a unique fusion of Tekkit and Hexxit, providing challenging dungeons and exploration in one modpack.
  • Hexxit shakes up the formula by introducing mystical elements, dungeons, and towers for players to conquer.
  • All The Mods series boasts over 400 mods, providing a progression tree and rewards for mastering each mod.

Minecraft has a rich modding community that has created iconic modpacks over the years. These packs collate the very best the community has to offer and compiles them into a unique gameplay experience that elevates the vanilla title and introduces many new gameplay aspects.


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Some modpacks introduce electricity, rockets, space travel, portals, and more. There’s no shortage of modpacks that can cater to every gamer’s whim. There are, however, so many that it’s hard to not be paralyzed by indecision! If players are looking to embark on an epic adventure filled with interesting stories or build a space station with friends, there’s a modpack for them. But, which ones are the best?

7 Tekxit

The Combination Of Science And Sorcery

minecraft steve alex bees

Tekxit is a fusion modpack that combines two classic Minecraft modpacks into one unforgettable experience. This modpack currently plays on Minecraft 1.12.2 and allows players to craft their factories just like in Tekkit, while maintaining the iconic dungeoneering and exploration that makes Hexxit such a great pack. The Dungeon Tactics mod adds sprawling dungeons that provide a nice challenge for players to overcome, which are randomly generated for a new challenge each time and add countless new weapons and mysteries for players to explore.

In total, 104 mods are combined to create this pack, including BiblioCraft, Buildcraft, ComputerCraft, Tinker’s Construct, and more. This pack is great for any player who wants to embrace a more “campaign-style” Minecraft modpack, without sacrificing so many creature comforts typically accompanied by Tekkit.

6 Hexxit

The Mystical Modpack

Hexxit Modpack Art

Hexxit was a modpack that shook up the formula at the time of release, with the vast majority of modpacks focusing more on the technological side of things, rather than the mystical. Hexxit introduced some story elements to modpacks too, which was also a unique twist on what had come to be a tried and true formula.


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Hexxit is truly more than the sum of its parts. The pack collates 55 mods that bring dungeons and towers for players to conquer, or become masters of their own world in a fusion modpack that combines the best of Minecraftwith a Dungeons and Dragons-style campaign.

5 Pixelmon Reforged

Fusing Pokemon & Minecraft

Pixelmon Art

The Pixelmon modpack, and the countless spin-off modpacks it has spawned, have all been incredibly successful, and it’s hard to be surprised when combining two of the most popular franchises in the world, as Pokemon and Minecraft crossover and become one, allowing players to live out their dreams of playing with their favorite Pokemon in a sandbox environment. Arguably the most requested Pokemon game has been a sandbox RPG-esque title set in the Pokemon universe that allows players to forge their own story with Pokemon by their side, but sadly, this want has largely fallen on deaf ears.

With this mod, and subsequent modpacks, players took matters into their own hands and fused the two iconic games to allow many players to rediscover their love for Pokemon in a title that lends itself extremely well to the sandbox feel so many fans had been craving.

4 Tekkit

The Reworked Version Of The Classic Modpack

Tekkit Art

Tekkit was one of the most iconic modpacks available ever and largely remains so. After the horrendously unbalanced Tekkit Classic, a new version of Tekkit was created that compiled over 60 mods to create an experience that captured the essence of the classic pack, while introducing new gameplay elements that still stayed true to the feel of the original.

Most notably, Tekkit did away with Equivalent Exchange 2 to prevent infinite item generation, and instead introduced Galacticraft, Dimensional Doors, and focused on Buildcraft more than IndustrialCraft 2. This modpack is credited with bringing Galacticraft into the mainstream, which has been included in many modpacks and has inspired mods like Ad Astra, which use similar concepts but build upon the original idea. Tekkit has a special place in the hearts of many fans and was a mainstay in the modding community for several years.

3 All The Mods

Quite Literally, All The Mods


The All The Mods series is the pinnacle of Minecraft modpacks, with the latest iteration of the modpack boasting over 400 unique mods that provide both an extremely fun experience and a bit of progression for players to seek their teeth into. This modpack combines Ad Astra, Jetpacks, seamless structure copy and pasting, countless quality-of-life improvements, new Ender Chests, Immersive Engineering, and more.

What’s so special about this modpack is it provides something of a progression tree, compelling players to play each mod to their endgame, rewarding players along the way with countless rewards and unique items that can be gained after mastering each mod, which can ultimately be combined into the “All The Mods Star” which signifies total completion of the modpack. This provides excellent utility for players to build to their heart’s content, and get something to show for their hours of progress.

2 The 1.7.10 Pack/The 1.12.2 Pack

The “Perfectly Complex” Series

The 1.7.10/1.12.2 Modpack

The 1.7.10 Pack, and sequel modpack The 1.12.2 Pack became some of the most popular modpacks upon release, replacing Tekkit as the “go-to” modpack for many. Both modpacks use the tagline “Perfectly Complex” and serve as a spiritual successor to the Tekkit modpack, expanding the mod list to over 200 unique mods that reshaped the gameplay experience.

Similar to Tekkit, these modpacks utilized Galacticraft and Buildcraft as the core “industrial” aspects and introduced new twists on the gameplay by introducing extra planets for Galacticraft, and new mods like Thaumcraft, Tinker’s Construct, and The Twilight Forest.

These modpacks served as a spiritual successor to the Tekkit series, which largely remained stagnant after the release of the reworked Tekkit, updating to later versions of Minecraft and giving players new challenges and opportunities. It kept a largely similar feel to Tekkit, while ensuring the new, additional mods didn’t break the balance of the game and allowed players to experiment to their heart’s content.

1 Tekkit Classic

The Modpack That Kickstarted A Craze

Tekkit Classic Art

Tekkit Classic was one of the earliest modpacks that made a huge impact on the Minecraft scene, as YouTubers and gamers everywhere were downloading Tekkit to explore their wildest fantasies in a seemingly boundless Minecraft enhanced by magic and technology. While it’s difficult to claim this pack is in any way balanced, the sheer nostalgia of this pack and the path that it paved is incomparable.


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It features a plethora of different mods that were entirely new concepts to most of the Minecraft community, like Equivalent Exchange 2, BuildCraft, and Industrial Craft 2. Players could utilize the magic of equivalent exchange to break items down into their EMC value and use that to conjure new items or create nuclear reactors to power their base. It’s unquestionable that Tekkit Classic kicked off an entire sub-genre of Minecraft and paved the way for a dedicated community to flourish, even years after the game was released.

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