The Bazelgeuse is one of the most notorious Flying Wyverns in Monster Hunter World. Not only is it big and intimidating, but it can also literally carpet bomb an area, filling an otherwise peaceful patch of land with exploding shells.


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While the Bazelgeuse isn’t terribly difficult to fight, it can be very annoying at first. It doesn’t have as many gimmicks as some other monsters, but some of its attacks can be somewhat hard to deal with. Here’s a quick guide covering the Bazelgeuse’s weaknesses and general tips for fighting it in Monster Hunter World.

MHW Bazelgeuse Weakness and Strategies

Physiology of a Bazelgeuse in Monster Hunter World

The Bazelgeuse has a three-star weakness against Thunder and two-star weaknesses against Dragon and Ice. If you want to deal the most damage to it, then get a fast-attacking weapon like the Insect Glaive, Sword and Shield, or Dual Blades with high Thunder damage. Slow weapons like the Greatsword aren’t as good at dealing with Elemental damage, but they are still viable, especially if the one you have has high Raw damage.

Combat Strategies

When fighting a Bazelgeuse in melee, it’s best to aim for the head. The monster takes a lot of damage when struck in this hitzone, though this can be tricky to pull off. If you’re having trouble hitting its face, aim for its legs — break its ankles, and it’ll eventually trip, giving you free rein to hit it everywhere else while it’s down. Preferably, you should try to cut off its tail and break its wings as early as possible. Be very careful when a Bazelgeuse is tripped since it can still drop its scales while incapacitated.


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The trickiest part of fighting a Bazelgeuse is its exploding scales. It regularly sheds scales in combat, and they can easily catch a Hunter off-guard. Pay extra attention to the ground you’re standing on. If a scale is close, run away immediately or shoot it with your Slinger to detonate it quickly.

Knocking Down A Bazelgeuse

One of the better ways of knocking a Bazelgeuse down is to mount it. Find a slope or a ledge, then try to do as many jumping attacks as possible. Once the Bazelgeuse falls, quickly move to its wings, back, tail, or head and do as much damage as possible before it gets back up. You can use your Clutch Claw to grapple toward the monster as you fall down.

Ironically, Bazelgeuse does not deal Blast damage. The explosions of its scales instead deal Fire damage and inflict Fireblight. If you feel like you’re taking too much damage, wear an armor set with high base defense and use skills that buff your Fire Resistance.

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